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Rumi's Renaissance

If you want to expand your awareness to free your soul and tread safely through challenging times in your lives through the spirtiual power of probably one of the most sacred poets of all time, Rumi, who I absolutely love, I will give the link for an invite to a free online tele-class:  Rumi's Renaissance: How His Wisdom Can Liberate Your Soul and Our World coming up next week, Wed. the 25th.
Just send me a message.

Love & Light
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Silly goose!  That's not a question!  LOL!  How about if you post a few things from Rumi and we can discuss it here?
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My question is  (1)what do you think about Rumi, (2)do you think this free tele-class might be of value to you and (3)what suggestion would you put forth for expanding one's spiritual awareness and finding spiritual solutions to ANY challenge in life?

Always in His Service

I said to my heart,

“How, my heart,
Can you be so crazy
As to swerve from the service
Of the One you bless?”

My heart replied,

“It is you who are mad
To see me wrongly –
I am always in His service,

It is you that stray.”

-- RUMI --

Love & Light
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1) Rumi sounds like a soul that lives in very deep, very clear waters.  He makes me curious. 2) I would be interested in his teleclass, if it were held at a time I could view it. 3) 'Put forth a suggestion for expanding one's spiritual awareness and finding spiritual solutions to any challenge in life:  WOW, that's a big question, and at this time, I do not beleive that there is a spiritual solution to EVERY challenge.  But I know that for the vast majority of the time, having my Bible, my Church, and my God in my life at all times helps me greatly to sort of slide around the boulders in the road, and have the ability to even kick some of them out of my way - God's Way.  I think that anything spiritual is a very personal experience, and that every spiritual person will see the same event through different eyes, eyes that pick up what others don't, eyes that can share what they see!  Rumi's short and insightful poem is WONDERFUL, for it's simplicity, and easily understood point.  What say you? - Blu
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Well brother N! i was right about something that was waiting for me here on Blu's page, that I would have otherwise missed! I would be totally interested in the video! Where do I go from here!
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Hey Luna, what a small world!

And I was just thinking about you as I woke up a couple minutes ago, lol-  being so busy and all,whether you would be able to watch it- and here you are!


Abundant Love & Light
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