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Blu, you may get a kick out of this (pet peeves)

Awe it is too bad the link cant be clicked on, *****.

I thought of one instantly, put it together, and I thought it was soooo hilarious! good for a laugh, but it really does bother me;
I just stumbled across people naming the things that bugs them that people say or do! Yes a lot of twits out there, and there should be a page for the possibilities! I found my answer to be hilarious so I thought I would share what bothers me big time! I thought of one instantly, put it together, and I thought it was soooo cleverly funny/??! good for a laugh, but it really does bother me;
DRUMROLL PLEASE- (and there is a page for this!)THE #1 I can't stand. Is when (mostly youth to mid 20's) are all dressed up, looking great, then they make that stupid, messed up, scrunched up, lip pouting RIDICULOUS FACE! WHY!!!!!??????? Smile! Who does this, and why are they All doing it!


"Their mommas should have told them if they continue to do this awful face, it will form and you will forever look like this

LOLOL! This is girl on left in 30 years!


Should have listened to your momma! LMAO!

What are other petty nuisances and things you can't stand! i am sure everyone has 1 or 2!
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Thought of one more. I am sickened by followers that take pictures of the hand signals of the illuminati, with one eye closed, 666 hand sign, devil hand sign! They have no clue what it is. And its a big club, and you are not in it! They must do this because everywhere u turn from pope, leaders, musicians, anyone who's soul was sold is doing it, you see it all the time. I have always been a leader. But this they see, or unconsciously ingrained into them, BUT I have never seen an actress, singer or top model do that dumb *** face mentioned above. LOL
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