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Come out of the closet!

Describe for us some of those habitual, eccentric, strange, funny things you do.  Don't worry, we won't tell your family or friends about it!
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I collect TOYS.  Not for display, but to actually play with.  I even have a toy box.  When I'm having a crappy day, or someone has upset me, I get my toys out and play with them for an hour.  Legos, easy puzzles, dolls I can dress up, little squishy animals that are fun to fiddle with, magnets that I can build things with, water-toys where you press a button and a jet of water shoots tiny things (hopefully) through a hoop, a yo-yo, some blocks, and a few Weebles.  I am a very tactile person, and handling the toys satisfies that, and brings me back to the days when I was a happy child.  Wonderful stress releif.  That's my confession! - Blu
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Hey Blu,

I think having a toy box with cool toys in it to play with is great. You say
it's a great stress reliever. I believe that. We've all got an inner child spirit.
I used to love going on swings when I was a child. I loved the feeling of
freedom that swinging would bring me. I still go on swings given the chance
and I enjoy pushing little children on the swing and seeing their happy
faces.  My grandchildren love to go on the swing. Anyway, Okay, here's
a funny thing I do sometimes given the chance. I put on some favorite CD
and I dance in the house. I used to enjoy going out dancing with my friend
when I was single, so now I dance whenever I feel in the mood to dance.
Crazy eh , but a lot of fun. Well, that's my secret fun things to do. Don't tell.
lol   Eve.
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LOL!  I'll do you one better!  I used to be a stripper (another story), and after I quit, I missed being able to do it.  So my sweet hubby bought me a pole that I can put up and take down.  I still have what I lovingly call my 'ho-gear' which is all my stripper clothing, in a trunk in my closet.  Once in a blue moon, I get everything out, move the furniture out of the way, doll myself up, turn on the hard-techno-rock I used to dance to, and just have some fun!  Who can do me better than that? :-)
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I needed to read something refreshing!
After a bit of a heated exchange in another community-not my style at all-
this is the place to be! I'd rather exchange  whatever with a former exhibitionista pole dancer with a beautiful ..soul, than a rigid post PHD
medical scientist-community leader my butt- that scrutinizes every BLEEP word that I use in my post.
I don't know if I can "do you" better lol! but I'll try!
It will have to be later as I gtg!
Love and Light
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Hey Blu,

When I was in Thailand many moons ago, in Ko Samui island,
after sharing a bottle of Mekong rice whiskey with a native ( this "poison" is strong, sweet and wicket!), we went to 'smoke up" this funny opium.
Boy did this make me super-hyper euphoric and my girlfriend at the time must have enjoyed the sensual strip show I gave her later, tremendously, but the physical "interlude" that followed this in the bedroom was kinda "Earthshaking" and out of this world!
It must have left a strong impression on her, as she not only sported a big smile of absolute "bliss" on her the next morning, but the following year
agreed to marry me! lol!
I like stories with a happy ending.
By the way, I did not touch that opium again in my life!
Something was telling me that it was too good to be true and over time it would have probably messed up my brain.

So Blu, I don't think I "can do you" better, but you can't say I didn't try!

Love ya!

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Go to the Gossip thread and tell your rigid PHD scientist-your-butt!  That is a graet one for a good 'bashing'! :-)
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or "go **** your head" lolol! Jokes!
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Guess what???  I saw my first Lunar Moth of the year today, while driving home, it flew at my car and the wind dynamics took it over my roof.  I got a good look at it, they are so beautiful!  Well, I'm off to do something more relaxing, like a game  or something!  Blessings! - Dawn
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