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I Am the Pen in His Fingers

If He makes of me a cup,

I am a cup;

I am a dagger

if He makes me a dagger.

If he makes me a fountain,

water pours out of me;

Heat dances from me

if He makes me a fire.

If He makes me rain,

I give birth to rich fields;

If He makes me an arrow,

I pierce hearts;

If he makes me a serpent,

poison flames from me.

If He makes me a friend,

I serve my friends.

He is the Writer;

I am the pen in His fingers.

Who am I to obey or disobey?

-- RUMI --

I Am the Pen In His Fingers, my Higher Self.
He is The Writer, my Higher Power.

Love and LIght

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VERY GOOD.  Nice metaphoric phrasing.  As I read each line, I recalled the times when I was every one of those things, sometimes more then one at a time!  How beautiful! - Blu
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Hi there,

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed these lovely verses by Rumi.
I especially like what you have added "  I Am the Pen in His Fingers,
My Higher Self. He is the Writer, My Higher Power. "  Blessings, Eve.
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