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I would like to post a topic about secrets and stories to share about enhancing one's ability to get further in touch with our psychic selves. I.E., Auras, Lucid Dreaming, Psychic Ability, whatever. etc.

My question is what is lucid dreaming. Are you awake but visualize totally random, stupid things not by choice???? How does one start to achieve this, if i can, since I cant sleep, lol!

Also how to see auras. try as I might, you tube, books, etc. i can't do it. I have deadly accurate intuition, but no aura seen around people!
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Hey, SS Luna. Nice!
One of my fav. topics.

You are exhibiting traits consistent with above average consciousness.
Your zest for growth is extraordinary.
Our growth in Consciousness is possible when we're able to surrender to Spirit, hence while actively pursuing it as an outcome through an exercise of the Mind, is merely an Ego driven attempt to "achieve".
It falls down to the same  level as of desire for accumulation and greed, at a frequency of 125, well below the collective level of humankind presently
at 207!

My upcoming online workshop in 2014(as I mentioned to you in my message to you earlier this evening) will help explore many of these concepts in detail.

Two Near Death Experiences, my training in Spiritual Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy and growing up KNOWING Spirits ( a gift from my Mom! God bless her) and also Blessed with Spirit Guides, has allowed me to share
with others and to give in the spirit of Love & Service.

gtg catch some ZZZs.

Love & Light
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Oh i can't wait. I am so very interested in hearing this! You are right. At first, when I had "woe is me" mostly negative outlook and pity on self! I stumbled on the secret, and on I went. But at first I had a hard time completely pushing the negative. Was challenged with my new faith numerous times. And I meditated, kind of, always expecting and waiting!

It is true though practice, at anything makes perfect. Fake it til you make it, and so that is what I did, and 5 years later I am so glad I seen the light!

You are way beyond knowledge like a sponge in all things. I would love to know your 1Q (joking)! You shall teach me the way brother N.
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What counts is emotional and spiritual IQ! I really don't know my IQ.

I know Terry, who has a post-doctorate degree in Physics, probably with a
very high IQ, but with a very low emotional and spiritual IQ, to the point where his life is a real mess!

And of course it is very challenging to try to offer any help, as everything you offer must go through his vigorous analytical process, to establish effectiveness, proof etc.,etc.

Yeah and it will be fun and I'm glad you've chosen to take this journey with me. it's more interesting and more fun with you, than without you!

Love & light
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