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Let's go fishing!

We all like fish in one way or another, so let's have this thread to talk about eating, catching, watching, wondering about any kind of FISH.  Anything that lives in the water is fair game!
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I'm not one to go fishing.  In fact, I hate it because first  you gotta kill worms, then when you catch a big enough fish, you have to kill that, too, AND pull all it's guts out, AND THEN cook it to EAT!  Talk about YUCK.  I'm a fish-watcher!  I love it when Planet Earth comes on the Discovery channel.  My favorite one is called 'Seas of Life', and it's so realistic that I almost feel like I'm there, swimming with a whale-shark, or playing with the dolphins... did you know that wild dolphins play games: one is where they hook a peice of kelp to a flipper, then pass it around the group until it gets lost.  Another one is where a dolphin will blow a bubble-ring and swim through it.  Another tidbit: it is safe to swim in waters where dolphins are: they keep the sharks away!  On vacation in SC, we went to a beach that warned of 'shark-pits' (deeper sections of water where sharks will lay and wait for food to come along).  We spoke to the locals, and they told us to 'just wait for the dolphins!'  And sure enough, about an hour later a whole pod of them showed up, some coming very close to shore, not much afraid of people, used to being around people in the water while the sharks were gone, I guess.  This pod was very playful, riding the wakes of the boats, and jumping out of the water.  We even saw a momma and her baby!  I found myself so fascinated by them that I without realizing it, I was moving closer to them, and closer to a steep drop-off where the rip-tides played havoc.  David called me back when he saw how far out i was, and I was surprised myself: I am a good swimmer, so I made it pretty far out.  Not so easy getting back to shore tho, as the tide was waning by then, and it wore me out getting back to the beach, my worried husband and kids watching the whole time.  And now I'm off-subject.  I'll save the rest for another post: about FISH! lol
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