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I would like to know what some of you do to get you going in the morning. I am retired now and I do miss working..I have worked since I was 14. I need some direction in my Life..Like some Accountability you know?? I have Lots to do around here, like getting wood in for winter and all the shoveling and plowing in Winter..Then I have all my Gardens in the Summer..BUT I just can not seem to get going..I HATE MORNINGS!! Never did before. Most of you know I have a Year in tomorrow so no more detox excuses..lol
Blu I love the Toy Box idea. I bet it does help with stress..AND Speaking of stress most of you know that the Dr gave my Dad 6 months because they found Cancer & my Mom lives here on my property and she goes to chemo..OH Boy when it rains it pours..Thanks gang! Just needed to Vent...
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Hi, Vicky, i am so sorry to hear of your parents health problems!  As far as mornings go, well, you ARE retired, so that means you don't have to do anything at any particular time.  Sleep in.  Do this work in the afternoon/evening.  CONGRATS ON A WHOLE YEAR OF FREEDOM, STRONG AND MIGHTY WOMAN!!! - Blessings - Dawn
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Hi Vickie,

I'm also very sorry to hear about your parent's fight with cancer. I call it
a fight because it is. A member of my family had breast cancer about
four years ago. She's a breast cancer survivor. My sister and I took her to
all the necessary appointments. We took her to the hospital the morning
of her surgery. We picked her up after the surgery and brought her home
and stayed with her until she recovered. I still go over to help her every
day since I retired in the afternoon. What we won't do for our parents, right ?  
As far as what I do in the morning. Well, hubby and I get up early to look
after our animals. We  have a cat, a bird and some fish. Then we have
breakfast. Then I shower and dress. I usually go on the internet for awhile
and visit various websites just for fun, answer emails etc. Sometimes we
need to go grocery shopping so I do that. Sometimes laundry needs to be
done so we do that. Sometimes I just get a cup of coffee , put my feet up
and read a good book. Actually, I find the mornings go pretty fast.
Blu suggested sleeping in. Why not if that's an option . You said that your
mom lives on your property and that she goes to chemo.  Do you take
your mom to the chemo appointments?  Do you mind if I ask you where
your dad is ?  If it's too personal, don't worry. Only share if you want to.
I wish you a good day, Vickie. It's nice to be able to talk to you. Eve
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I take my Mom to Chemo sometimes and the Cancer volunteers take her too. Mel is my Step dad who raised me since I was 10. I took care of him for many Years and moved him into the Assist living where I had worked off & on since the 90s passing meds and such. My real dad and my only surviving brother is about 45min away.. We are not that close anymore BUT I am getting to know my real Dad again. I do not mind saying any of this at all.

Hey! I sure hope i can get back over there to your area..I sure do want to be over there now..50 plus is going to help me out so much..Thank YOU!!!
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Hey Vickie, really sorry about your parents' battle with Cancer
My buddy has two forms of cancer, one is myeloma (one of the worse and most painful types of cancer)not to be confused with melanoma, the other colon.
I'm his coach, so I gave him some advice, he followed it religiously and now he's in remission and his doctors are simply puzzled as all his tests keep coming back showing no progression of his cancers!
And he is under no medical treatment, other than what he's doing on his own.
I'm no health guru, but I know quite a bit about this stuff.
Not intending to brag or to give you false hope about your parents, but there are things that can be done for improvement, remission or less suffering.

--#1 defense against anything invasive/offensive to our bods are Enzymes.
Humans are the only animal species that process & cook their food, a perfect way to destroy the enzymes from the food.
If we were to drink the contaminated water that animals drink from watering holes, we would probably die, yet animals drinking this water suffer no consequences.
They have enzymes to protect them!
Fresh organic vegetables and fruits are highly recommended for cancer!

--- PH levels. Extremely relevant to cellular repair! The cells heal within a specific electrical voltage, determined by co-related PH levels.
A high Alkaline diet is ...highly recommended for any illness and even more so for cancer. Cancer thrives in acidic environments, yet chokes in Alkaline
ones. Consider taking a look into Dr Tennant's work on Energetic Medicine.

--- Essiac, a wonderful remedy that has helped thousands of cancer sufferers. It cannot legally be advertised as a cancer remedy as it is not an  approved pharmaceutical drug, however, it can be taken along with the
treatment prescribed by the oncologist, as it is a great immune system booster. This really helps when going through chemotherapy.
There's a free online book, "Calling of an Angel", the story of a nurse,
Rene Caisse (her name backward is Essiac) who developed this remedy
-handed down from the natives of Northern Canada and consisting of local natural plant based ingredients- and later opened a clinic in Bracebridge, Ontario (I don't live too far from there) and treated thousands from cancer, even in advanced stages, before she was shut down by the health authorities.
A very touching story. Worth while reading it to my opinion, specially when you have loved ones suffering from cancer.
Essiac is available through pharmacies, health food stores and online in
tea-bags , powder, syrup, or capsules.

That's most of the protocol I suggested to him , oh and one more thing,
I recommended meditation and guided imagery- I prepared a script for this
purpose and also he had a couple sessions of Spiritual Psychotherapy
with me to clear up some core emotional stuff that was held deep inside him. I also taught him to do EFT on his own.

If you or anyone else needs any details, just ask me anytime.

Love & Light

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Thank You so much Niko..I will check into these things. I sure will PM you if I can not find some things or need some more info..That was very nice of you!

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I know..I wake up like I am going to be sick but them it passes on..This is why I get so down in the morning. BUT like I said if I eat and take my vit/min then I am good to go.
Today was a good morning but of course I work up a bit late.
Hugs to You ALL!!
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Tomorrow is going to be painfully early: up at 6 am, and work at 8 until 6.  ten hours.  Not impressed.  I already told my boss that I was coming in with a coffee IV, and she said that was fine as long as I can work! GGGRRR!!!  This too shall pass...(sigh)
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Try to work out and meditate hun! I know how it feels to not be able to jump start as I have suffered health conditions. My conditions are so much better now! It may sound immature, but it is not. IS to develop a weekly schedule, hour(s) basis! Scedule out what you will do by day! I, self admittedly am lethargic, procrastinate a lot. But if it is written, you will find it easier to follow through! I am sorry about what you are going through! You must keep your head up and think positivity, as negative leads like getting out of wrong side of bed day after day! Listen to my Soul Brother Niko above. He knows what he is talking about and has helped me tremendously! Much love!
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