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The Gossip Thread! (YAY!)

This is the place to say all those awful things about people that you can't for real.  One rule:change names and places to protect the privacy and some dignity of people you just gotta bash.  Let's hear about your slave-driver boss, your unromantic spouse, your heathen children, your best friend until you caught her rummaging in your purse, your bitchy cat who loves to pee on your pillow, that crazy guy you have to work with who drives you straight crazy yourself, and of course, the neighbors who do every annoying thing short of tossing Molitov Cocktails at your house.
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Here's my bashing: neighbors across my street whom we (really) call 'the Blue House People' .  There are three of them: Grandma, Mother, and Son.  Some history on them: Mother did drugs while pregnant with Son, so Son is not quite right in the head.  Grandma took them into the house they are in now.  Mother is extremely overweight, and will cuss a blue-streak at anyone who does nothing to her.  Grandma loves to complain about nothing.  Son is in his upper 20's, and cannot even mow the lawn without turning the thing into a strange crop-circle.  We actually like to peek out of our windows and watch him when he mows, just because it's so funny: he will mow a row (not far: I could toss a stone all the way over their property), stop, take off his SAFETY GOGGLES, wipe his face, and stand there huffing and puffing for five minutes, check the collector bag, check the gas, check the oil, look under the mower for clumps of grass, THEN mow another row: in a different direction, and begin the whole process over again for about 4-6 'rows', at which point he has obviously become exhausted and quits for the day.  It takes him THREE days to mow an area that should not take more than an HOUR.  No kidding.  I hate it when Mother and-or Grandma come to sit on their little porch because if they so much as see us, they will begin to shout at us.  We ignore them.  They have called the cops on us over the years quite a bit.  Some things they said we did when it was obvious that we never did: had a meth lab in our house (we don't do drugs), had a bonfire and took a big fan to blow the smoke at their house (simply did not happen), bred mice so we could send them over to their house (I hate mice), allowed our dog to chew on their house (our dog is always in his fence, on his run, or right WITH us), let our dog bark until (omg) 7 pm (animal control laws state that barking is a nuisance only after 10 pm), had our porch lights too bright (ridiculous), our cars too loud (we work, and start our cars early in the morning and they are NOT loud and we don't start any sooner than 6 am: just in time for 'quiet hours' to end anyway), let under aged people to drink alcohol at our house (we don't drink, so we don't even have alcohol),  performed Satanic Rituals in our yard at night (and we are Christians!), shined big lights into their windows (for what reason?), and walked or drove around their house (it sits in the center of a PUBLIC loop).  The latest thing was that my husband went and ripped siding off their house early in the morning!  The police showed up, and of course he had to ask me about it (hubby was gone to work).  I asked the cop why in the world anyone would do something like that anyway, and he said he had no idea, apologized for bothering me with it, and went away.  Sometimes I try to guess what their next story will be.  To be honest, I think they all have alot of prescription meds they take, and they take too much, and then they just go berzerk on us.  I think about setting their house on fire (while they are gone), but I know I won't do that.  We have had thoughts of bombing their house, setting roaches loose in their yard, just silly thoughts because they bug us so much.  We don't do anything to these people: Christians do not lower themselves to vengeance.  But once in awhile we wish we could.  We have done harmless things in our own yard just to bother them, tho.  We painted a bunch of volley balls like big blue eyes and placed them in our yard, staring right at their house.  The cops came.  We said that we were decorating our yard in a new way, which is our right, right?  He had to admit that was true.  We left the volley balls out there for a week.  Then we put them in the trees staring at their house.  I think they are still there.  When it snows, we go build monstrous things out of snow, like one snowman killing another with a huge knife, and 'blood' (cherry juice) all over the place.  We built a snow-cannon pointed at their house, and put a flag on it that said 'BOOM!'  In the summer, we put a blow-up doll, in a bikini, out on the yard to 'sun herself'.  There are other things like that we did, which they could do nothing about, since it was in OUR yard.  The cops came to find it very funny, especially when our crazy snowmen melted into perfect five-foot tall penises, with 'blood'.  anyway, that's my bash.  What's yours?
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Hi Blu,

Oh my goodness. I laughed so hard when you were talking about your
neighbors, especially about the part where their son " mows " the lawn.
Hilarious !  Okay , what's my bash ? I have to think for a minute what
to share. I've got it. People who argue with you on the internet. Sometimes
I go on a certain news source, read articles posted there, and respond
to people's comments. I've heard their are people called trollers that just
go around the site looking for a fight. There, I've made a rhyme. lol
Sometimes other people warn you that a certain person posting is a troller so I thank that person for warning me and don't respond. I've even had
circumstances where one person claims they're a woman and I get a
message that this woman is a man posing as a woman. I know. Freaky
right ?  I try and post for the most part really positive comments.
Every so often though, there will be this ludicrous comment which someone makes, which I have to respond to. My hubby says you don't have to respond to it, but it's calling out to me to respond to it because
it's either too silly or argumentative or just plain ridiculous. I'll admit right
here I am a passionate animal activist. I have stood up for sharks, seals,
wolves etc. and I defend them to the hilt so to speak. Anyway, I'm done
with my bashing for now. Some things really frustrate me, but I try to
put it in perspective. Cheers, Eve.
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GGGRRR!!!  My flipping stupid neighbors tried to hit my husband with their ugly minivan!  And then while I was at work, they all started a hissy-fit about who did what to who, to the point that Son went and got a flipping baseball bat to threaten my husband with, so my husband went and got his, too.  I guess they argued about who would hit who first, and wound up no one hit anyone else (thank you God).  Of course the cops showed up five minutes later - both of whom we are friends with off-duty.  According to David, they calmly listened while he told them that if he was going to tear siding off their house, he wouldn't stop there, he would tear the whole house DOWN!  They politely told him not to do that, and left him alone to go tell the neighbors to quit bothering us (like that's gonna work).  UGH!!!  And he was drinking last night, too.  He does not do that often, but he was home alone, no where to go when he began to drink.  It didn't help the situation with the neighbors any, since David gets loud and obnoxious when drinking.  When I got home from work, the above is what I got an ear-full of, including slurred words.  I was not impressed with his non-sober condition, and I said so to him this morning, but he doesn't do it often at all, so I will leave it at that.And that concludes today's bashing. - Blu
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On the subject of neighbors. I've just heard through the grapevine that
our neighbors are going to move. These neighbors are quite nice and
they don't hold noisy parties. The last neighbors before them that lived
in that house were unbelievably nasty. There was a husband and wife
and two kids. The kids were fine. It was the wife and the husband who
were not quite right in the head. One day my hubby I were just relaxing
and watching tv on our couch. It was summer time so our patio door
was open with the screen in front. All of a sudden, I tell my husband
I smell smoke. A really strong smell of smoke. So I go out into our garden
and low and behold to my horror, I see flames through our neighbor's
fence. Let me add that beside this fence are bushes, big bushes.
We think they were having a barbecue and decided to put the barbecue
near the fence. Well, we didn't waste any time. We live in a townhouse
surrounded by other townhouses and we all share a court yard.
My husband and I decided we had no choice. We phoned the fire department and described what we had seen next door. The fire department arrived very quickly. They parked their fire truck outside on
the street.  We were watching from inside to make sure they arrived.
Well, the fire department must have given our neighbors quite a talking
to. The flames must have been extinguished because the smoke smell
disappeared. The kicker is nothing was said about the flames or anything.
I still feel we did the right thing by calling the fire department as this was
a safety issue. So, I've finished my rant. Where there's smoke, there's fire.
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Hi..Thanks for the invite here evewisewoman..
Hi Blu Glad you open this one up..This will be a good one.
Today is my 28th Anniversary and I put a pic in..I will be back later..lol
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Hi Vickie,

You're very welcome. Glad I could help you join this very cool forum Blu
started a few days ago. I agree with you. This is a good one.
Congratulations on your 28th Anniversary, Vickie.
Blessings, Eve.
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Boy Blu too bad about your crazy neighbors.. I am lucky in that way..I live in the Boons surrounded by a lot of pine trees so my Neighbors are far away in each direction. I could have a band play in the back for days and no one would get mad.
I got a kick out of the Snow men..I have made a few funny ones myself but no one can see unless they drive up..That was so funny about yours facing the neighbors. AND The cannon one..That was good..Too Funny Girl..lol
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Crazy neighbors are actually good for you Blu.
Look how much fun you're having. And us too, reading this!

My next door neighbors, consisted of a single dad in his 30's and his
6 young boys aged from 5-12 (and occasionally his young daughter with his ex girlfriend would live with them for a few days here and there.).
Cowboys and Indians, Tarzan and his monkeys, Star wars Rangers, Ninjas, cops and robbers, trust me we had all those and more!
playing on our driveway, in our back yard (which is all fenced in and private and they used the dog's chain to climb down below to our property.)
it was never a bring moment with them!  

Happy 28th Vickie, ours was a couple weeks ago! omg 34th, and the nice thing is that it's just a number and I still feel young and great and blessed!

Eve, there are troller-like community leaders here who look for "outsider's"
as they control tightly their turf and I just experienced this yesterday,
however, my motto is always"Let go and Let God", so when they invite conflict, it cannot take place, since I don't stick around for that! lol!

Love you all!
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I agree with ignoring argumentative people.  They can't have an argument without someone to argue with.  I had my fair share of anger- management training to do on my husband in the first few years.  I told him that I would never be his mother, I would be his best friend.  And that he could expect my silence or disappearance if he ever so much as spoke in an abusive manner to me or my kids.  He did his best, I admit.  The kids are grown and happy, with his help, and we remain in love, 17 years later. :-)  
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I like your motto " Let go and Let God" . Great motto. Your comment about
your neighbors reminded me of some of our neighbors who have young
boys who like to go into our shared courtyard, we live in a townhouse,
and play with long sticks and pretend their swords. I worry sometimes that
you're going to hurt themselves. No adult supervision whatsoever.
Oh well, the best I can do is hope they don't hurt each other. Peace, Eve.
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Hi, everybody.  I need a good hard venting.  My day started annoying and just didn't stop until just now a t 8 pm.  My ridiculous neighbors had security cameras installed on the outside of their house, and it sure looked to me as if those cameras were pointed at my house.  I called the cops, to go over there and be sure that the cameras cover THEIR property only.  Then at work, we got a ton of Christmas ornaments to tag and display. I OFFICIALLY DECLARE GLITTER TO BE EVIL.  I hate the stuff, pure and simple.  Then we got two parents and their 8 kids in.  Mom was nursing a baby under a blanket, and Dad was having a whole can of worms keeping eyes on the other seven.  I had to watch them, too, in case they tried to do anything dangerous.  And I am EXHAUSTED! - Dawn
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Blu, tomorrow is another day!
I hope you sleep like a baby tonight.

How about high intensity light beams pointing directly at the newly installed
cameras, causing a blinding effect! lol!

All this makes you wish you were back in your stripping days.
But again you'll think about it momentarily and then you'll say "nah, I really like who I am today, just the way I am." I'll put up with the neighbors ,the dad with the seven rascal kids and some boxes of holiday glitter."

I've conditioned myself to deflect such feelings and thoughts-most of the time- and when I find myself getting ticked or pissed off about something or  with someone, I use an "anchoring" technique and the feeling simply vanishes almost instantly, just like the vegas illusionists make elephants disappear. I love stuff like that. I told you that I'm also a board certified hypnotist, didn't I?

Love & Light

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Hypnotist, hey?  Those don't work on me.  I tried it a few times over the years, and I am one of those who cannot be hypnotized.  I cannot let go of my control of my brain.  I think it's a survival-thing with me, after drinking to black-out stage so many times and not recalling events, it scares me.  I scare MYSELF now.  This is one of the things that is different about me in my new 'Light-Robe': I don't put up with ANY bullcrap.  I used to just let things slide.  Not now.  Now I'm ON it.  I actually YELLED at my co-worker's grandkids at work for misbehavior.  She did not get upset with me at all, spoke to them, and had them apologize.  Young people need to be taught early that they cannot just do whatever they please.  Even adults have restrictions on their behavior: no speeding, no pooping in the neighbor's yard (I would love to do that!), no sprinting through stores (unless there is an emergency).  I had a guy yesterday at work attemp to pay for his purchase with a credit card.  We ID EVERY credit card user.  He threw a flipping fit!  When he was done, I calmly said 'Sir, you are welcome to take your business elsewhere if you do not want to show me your ID.'  He left his purchases unpaid for on the counter.  My boss said I did right. :-)  Gotta go! - Dawn
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'm referring to the little old lady that drives 5 miles per hour ahead of you and you have no possibility to pass her, and you're late to work,
or your kid stuck his finger in the wrong place at home, your blood is boiling, smoke coming out of your ears, you're calling this sweet old lady "bleep,bleep,bleep" names and good thing you don't own a gun, otherwise you might have shot some warning shots.
You would never kill her! lol!
Guess what, this old lady is Bleep Everywhere!

When it comes to store policy & safety and people young or old following rules at home or in public, this is another story.

gtg-I'm at work-
Love & Light
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I HATE CHRISTMAS!!!  I hate decorations, Christmas trees,wrapping paper, ribbons, Santa Clause.  It's all so BLEEPING stupid!!!  Why can't we all just be happy to join family in church, and then have a nice meal together?Nope gotta have the flipping tree, even if it's fake.  Gotta put ornaments on it, and lights, even if they're all plastic dollar store stuff.  Last year, I got so mad that I sat on the couch and tossed ornaments at the tree from across the room.  Then, when it was time to take it down, I just gave the tree a good shaking till they all fell off, and swept them up with a broom, tossed 'em on a box, and called it done.
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Alright, dammit, I am STILL pissed off about having my freedom of speech frowned upon AGAIN!!!  No, don't bother asking me what I'm talking about.  All I know is that if I catch anyone in MY room 'feeling' disrespected, hurt or otherwise 'violated', I DON'T CARE.  No one forces you to come in here, no one holds a knife to your throat and makes you read posts.  If you don't like what you see here, the exit is right at your upper right.  Look for the 'x' and click it. - Blu
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Blu, sounds like someone really pissed you off, big time!

I had met a therapist on the plane on my way to Greece, one year,
and he told me that he had a "dish breaking room" for his clients
who had to vent and get it out of their systems, whatever it was that was bothering them.( it's an old greek custom, to break dishes in clubs, celebrations etc.)
The clients had to put a helmet and goggles on and other protective gear and were given ceramic dishes (factory seconds) for breaking.
Each time they would be breaking a dish they were encouraged to visualize or shout something that was negative in their lives, like "that BLEEP *****", " my BLEEP mother-in-law, the BLEEP government and so on so forth! He claims he was extremely successful! lol!

Peace Sister!
Love & Light
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Ever get so bent out of shape that you are almost afraid to move for fear you might explode?  That's how I feel about it.  I'm not going breaking any dishes.  I am doing ME.  I am done holding my tongue, worrying about who might read whatever I said, if they might get hurt over it some how.  YOU KNOW ME!  I do not attack people, and I find joy when i can HELP!  Then someone cries because I said the wrong word???  GIMME A F***ING BREAK!!!  I thought we were ADULTS here.  And I think that some people are VERY late getting their big boy/girl pants on.  I HATE FEELING ANGRY!!!  I blocked EVERYONE from my home page, and removed private messages and notes from EVERYONE.  I am done hearing from people who oh-so-politely tell me that I said this or that wrong, but it's okay this time, blah-blah-blah.  I don't play the doormat.  I can and will say whatever I want to.  Period.
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LOL! A person on this site, that appears to have nothing to do with his time, who insulted my intelligence, ratted me out time and time again to community! When I was here for help. People that are jealous and hate you because of who you are, things you have, how positive you are and everything else they find opposite in life! I hate little things like return a phone call, I hate being led or ignored, when it takes two seconds to say yes, no, whatever! I still can't believe what u may say, as some of mine were big time, for real! I have left forums too. I find if you cant say anything, where is the help! I was definitely not receiving! ("can't answer your question as it is forbidden!" What ever happened to freedom of speech, other's experiences??? Why is that wrong! WHAT IS THE POINT! I am very misunderstood by most. I tend to get emotional, being the feeler I am and no one gets it! I am sick of entire medical community messing me up all of my life, breaking oaths, categorizing and stigmatizing me! Having my kindness taken for weakness. I HATE MOST that it is who you know or blow and the corruption in every workplace including the Government and Union! I tend to be taken for granted and f-ed over and used by 90% of friends I thought were real! I usually don't vent! I love my life, besides all external downfalls, I am lucky, I love me and I love life! I only wish there was more ppl to know and speak to that are genuine and on same path!

#1 thing I hate, is the ignorant responces I get from the sheep, fearful and get sooooo defensive, when speaking of what is going on in world, the power of "others" I hate Monsanto, Big Pharma etc. etc. Which I understand to some ignorance is bliss. But no reason to listen to others no matter what view. As what they want is seperatness through religion.....They are doing a damn good job! It is enough to go insane, paranoid and lead to addictions, etc. Thank the universe for a spiritual medium! Because I have a thirst for all knowledge and I can't stop researching! That is my addiction! I also dislike being on clean diet, working out everyday, when I used to eat crap, no physical anything, drinking calories and not losing a bloody pound! LOL!

Blu- glad to hear you are not ignoring me! LOL, Jokes. As I was wondering about you and sent you a PM! Mail me, much easier. I miss you and hope you are well. I need to talk, need your advice!

Much Love babe and much light to all soul searching "feelers" who need to vent now and again! It is so pathetic that I even feel bad about bitching as I feel more negativity may come!!! Now back to the positive.
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Oh and I just find my hours cut down to 3.5 hours a day, when they know it takes 3 to get there. Even though EVERYONE can see the difference I am making with the child, doesn't the principals best friend get the full time hours, (people have told me she is a secretary) Why then is she working as an EA! with no qualifications, not hired by the board. IT GETS WORSE! I look up seniority lists for every position on CUPE! She is not on there at all! How is this possible! If anything happened she would be in big ****! I have good mind to form a complaint, but feel bad!~ I feel karma will prevail. But safety of children. I pay union dues. She has taken my hours, etc. NOT RIGHT! The principal is miserable, avoids me, I call today to ask if fri. is a holiday, I ask how much longer i will be there, as i am here for benefit of child, not my best interest! and secretary, with her right beside says. "I am thinking Thurs. will be her last day here at this school!() WHAT! when was she going to tell me and There is no way 50 job postings deadlines were 2-3 days ago tops, that they have called, interviewed and placed staff! She knows i have done more for the kid in 3 weeks then in 3 years, everyone has commented on how well i work! The only thing i can think of, is she said come in ten minutes early and leave 10 early, as schools are calling to work afternoon and i must cab it there. She acted as if end of the world. BUT no one has come to relieve me on time, did i say anything, NO!!!!!!!! I walk in happy, positive, friendly, professional! She stumbles words when talking to me! Most staff hate her, that i have become quite close to! What should I do. Every time i fight for right, i get fired or more headaches in past! This is anonymous! What would YOU do if in my position!
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LOLOLOL! Freaks! Yep heavy psychosis and hardcore drugs. Love the volleyballs, WILSON! Catch a lifeline and get a life! Mental problems. Have u guys EVER talked? It is the worst to have ****** neighbours. I am lucky in that way!
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be careful. The are that psycho. and schizo I think. Paranoid, delusional ppl do stupid ****, not thinking or caring about anything! Just be careful Blu. I have bad, psychotic vibes about these ppl!
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well you have no choice then to feel the need to bleap the government! reptilian, demon beasts of satan.
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You are so funny SS!
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