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Welcome, All!

I hope you find general discussion to be something we can all enjoy.  Tell your jokes, stories, poems.  Share your feelings, your insights, your questions.  Every thread that is not argumentative is welcome.  Bring your coffee, your news paper, and please wear your bathrobe! :-D  Blessings - Blu
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Congrats Blu!

This feels "right".

I'm happy to be your #1, lol!

Thanking Heaven even for our difficulties and misfortunes, is the best way to transform them. You will see your difficulties in a different light, as if you had wrapped them in a piece of pure gold. --Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov--

I wouldn't be where and who I am today, had I not abided in the above

Love & Light
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You are very right, my friend!  Thank you for posting, and feel free to begin new threads!  And TELL people to come, too!  This is a great spot to talk about wonderful things, like GOD.  Yep, I said it. :-)  Blessings - Blu
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Hi Blu,

What a great idea for a forum. I like your introductory comments and your
mention of bringing a cup of coffee, a newspaper and even your bathrobe.
I happen to be in my house coat right now and drinking a cup of coffee.
No newspaper yet. I actually have the tv on. I was listening to the news
but found it rather depressing and repetitive and full of commercials, so
I've actually got the aquarium channel on and all these beautiful fish are
swimming around. I also hear the water bubbles from the tank and like
the sound. Cheers, Blu and blessings. Eve
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I want an aquarium channel!!!  How soothing!  I usually just leave something boring on the tv like shopping channel, for background noise.  Sometimes I will put on a music channel (I have about 50 of them), like classic rock or golden oldies or Christian rock.  I listened to some of the other music channels I get, and I think I burned my ears. :-)  - Blu
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Yah. The aquarium channel is amazing. I've got it on in the background
right now. Every now and again I look up and see all these beautiful
fish. You know what. When we go out now, we leave the aquarium channel
on for our cat who sits on the couch and watches the fish with great interest. It is rather mesmerizing once you start watching the fish swimming. Right now there are three gold fish chasing each other. Then
when they swim off screen, you wait hoping they'll come back into view.
And there they are. Not to disappoint. We also have a fireplace channel.
Hubby and I like to have the fireplace station on when the weather gets
cold after after we've heard the morning news and the weather. The
fireplace channel is really beautiful and you can hear the crackling of
the wood. I like real fire places and I like the smell of the fire crackling.
When I still lived at home , we had a real fireplace. My dad used to
build a fire when the weather got colder, especially at Christmas time.
Well, I guess that's all for now.  Eve :)
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Yes, when I was little, we had both a fireplace and a real aquarium in the living room.  I recall the big green over stuffed chair that sat in the perfect spot between fireplace and aquarium.  It was my 'nap chair' because I couldn't sit in it without falling asleep. :-) - Blu
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When I was very young, I would go over to my Aunts and she had aquariums wall to wall..Oh boy that must of took a lot of work to clean all of them..Thanks for the walk down memory lane..I forgot all about this..lol
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Yes, it my parent's second house, that's where we had a real fireplace.
Real fireplaces are the best. Hearing the fire crackling, smelling the wood
smoke. I just love that smell. My sister had a real aquarium too when I
was growing up. It was a lot of fun looking at the fish. She had a bunch
of angel fish and quite a few neons and some small catfish to clean the
tank. Did you know that Angel fish eat neons?  We learned this the hard
way when the neons kept disappearing until one day at night we discovered
an Angel fish stalking a neon and eating it before we could do anything to
prevent this. Who knew Angel fish ate neons ? Oh well. My dad had to
separate what was left of the neons into another fish tank. I didn't have
to clean the tank. That job belonged to my sister and my Dad. I just got
to look at them and enjoy them.
You say you had a nice comfy green chair to curl up in and sleep. In our
house it was the black leather chair which used to be in our den in the
old house and which I still have. I just couldn't let this beautiful chair go
to the dump. It's still as comfy as ever and it has a new place in our home.
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I enjoyed reading your memories of your aunt's wall to wall aquariums.
I used to watch my dad clean my sister's aquarium and that was only
one aquarium. What kind of fish did your aunt have ? Do you remember?
It's just my curious nature, Vickie. Blessings, Eve.
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