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Dubin Johnson Syndrome

My son 14 years old is recently diagnosed with hereditary conjugated HYPERBILIRUBINEMIA (most probably Dubin Johnson Syndrome).
I would like to hear from similar cases.
I am worried about his future & health, please post helpful suggestions.
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hi all myself is infected by Dubin Johnson Syndrome but i have no problem.the only problem is my eyes r yellow and my bilirubin is between 1.0 to 3.0 so dont worry at all. i am of 21 years old .if there is any treatment of this problem plz help me?
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As you may have learned, Dubin-Johnson is a genetic disorder that can cause hyperbilirubinemia (too much bilirubin to build up in the blood), abdominal pain, jaundice, or an enlarged liver.  The jaundice may worsen with alcohol use, infection or other environmental factors that affect the liver.   People who have this condition have a problem transporting bilirubin to the digestive system.  When our liver breaks down old red blood cells, bilirubin is formed.  This condition does not generally affect the lifespan and prognosis is described as excellent.  

Dubin-Johnson is an autosomal recessive condition.  The gene associated with this condition is called ABCC2 or CMOAT1.  Two parents who are carriers of the changed gene for Dubin-Johnson syndrome have a 25% chance of passing on the condition each time they have a child.    Best wishes to you and your son.  
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