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Muscular Dystrophy

While compiling family genealogy, I discovered my paternal grandmother's death certificate. It stated that she died, at age 51,  of hypertension caused by kidney disease caused by muscular dystrophy of undetermined type. This was a surprise as my cousin had told me she thought she heard  our grandmother had died of thyroid trouble.
Well, my father dropped dead when I was 5, so I have no idea what happened back then or if he carried the genes for MD of any type. Clearly, since she lived to be 51 and became a mother several times over, my grandmother's MD was likely adult onset and not of the more debilitating variety.
I guess my question is, since we don't know the type, is there any way I can determine whether I carry the genetics to pass along MD or not ? Are there just too many varieties to test for and, therefore, it's impractical?
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