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Trisomy 16

Hi.  I just got the test results back from my fetus.  I miscarried for the 2nd and possibly 3rd time.  It shows trisomy 16.  Anyone out there have any stories about having a healthy baby after this?   My husband and I will get blood test done this Friday and begin Genetic Counseling in the next few weeks.  If anyone has any information about your chances of having a healthy baby or if it is not a possibility I would love to hear from you.  I am 33 and my husband is 39.  Amy
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I am very sorry for your losses.  Miscarriage can be difficult both emotionally and physically, and I hope the following information is helpful to you.  

As you may know, trisomy 16 means that the pregnancy had three copies of chromosome #16.   Typically we each have 23 pairs of chromosomes.  So, trisomy 16, means having an extra copy of the 16th chromosome.  This is a common chromosomal finding among pregnancies lost in the first trimester.  

At a genetic counseling appointment, the genetic counselor will ask questions about your family health history and will construct and interpret your family tree.  Genetic counselors will also discuss the findings of the tests from this miscarriage and discuss the results of your blood work to review your chances of having a healthy baby.  Most often in couples who have had one pregnancy loss with trisomy 16, it is unusual to have another pregnancy with trisomy 16.    Best of luck to you.  
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