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bilateral renal agenesis

i am 21 weeks pregnant and i recently found out through an ultrasound that the diagnosis is bilateral renal agenesis. will there be a chance that my next pregnancy will result in the same prognosis. what causes this disorde?r
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Bilateral renal agenesis can be the results of many etiology
1. Drugs eg. antihypertensive drugs
2. Chromosomal disorders eg 47, XXX ( a type of genetic diseases)
3. Single gene mutation eg. WT-1 mutation homozygous
3. Familial syndrome  without known genetic basis
The basy usually can not survive from severe anomaly and lung hypoplasia (not growth).
The recurrence risk based on accurate diagnosis of the baby to see what is the cause of those birth defect.
If it cause from chromosome, your next baby have a very small chance to have the same problem. For an example. So ask your doctor to test your baby and see what is the cause of your baby.
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I am so very sorry to hear about your loss.  I hope that you are getting the support that you need at this difficult time.  It sounds like you made the decision that felt right to you and that is very important.  In order to determine the chances of a future pregnancy being affected with bilateral renal agenesis, it is important to try and determine what caused the bilateral renal agenesis in this pregnancy.  If you have not already done so, if you want to have the information for future pregnancies, you should discuss testing options for this recent pregnancy with your physician in order to determine a cause of the bilateral renal agenesis.   You may also benefit from meeting with a genetic counselor to review a detailed family history, discuss the chances that this may happen again, and all of your options.  You can find a genetic counselor through the National Society of Genetic Counselors.
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thanks for writing to me with the info. I just recently had to terminate my pregnancy do to this problem. The doctors gave me different options to choose in basically teminating my pregnanacy becaause the disorder is not compatible with life. i am devistated, i cant believe from one mooment to the next i could be so exited about having my baby and then find out that she would not survive. it was a difficult choice to have. i could either carry her full term and deliver her knowing she would not survive which made no sense to me. how could i continue to become attached and then have her die. The oter choice was to have an abortion. i could not do that either because my baby was still alive inside of me and to have them basically chop her up i couldnt deal with either.After long thought the only and last option i had was to induce my labor and push her out early and let her go.  at least i felt peace with that decision and was able to leave her in gods hands. this was the worst pain to go through and of course i would love to have another baby but im so afraid that the same thing will happpen.
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