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gestational diabetes

I recently heard that if a woman has gestational diabetes that she is prone to be type 2 diabetic or have some blood sugar issues later inlife. I was recently told that I was borderline diabetic. I had my last baby 32 years ago. Adult diabetes also runs in my family. if so then why does this condition wait till later in life to manifest itself. I am 56 years old.
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You are correct.  Having gestational diabetes increases the risk to develop type 2 diabetes later in life.  Diabetes is a complex condition caused by genetic and environmental factors.  Like all common diseases, there are many risk factors for diabetes. Rarely is one factor alone responsible for causing the disease. Your total risk is made up several different risk factors which include family history, genetic risks, weight, physical activity, history of gestational diabetes, and diet.  Diabetes can be diagnosed at different stages of life depending on the combination of risk factors.  
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Iam 50 and I develop type 2 diabetes when i was 41 and like u had gestatinal diabetes with both of my 2 kids,acording to my doc.not everybody get it ,I too have family history of diabetes ,i didnt listen to my doc. when he told me to watch my diet after the birth of my second child , now I try but is hard ,u don't know how lucky u are.   take care of your self.
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