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help us pls

Hi you all, We are from Bucharest , Romania an d we need a point of view from you. This is my wife story:

I'm 35 years old and i'm 13weeks pregnant. in week 10 an 6 days i meke my first eco(for bi-test).
The result was a cystic hydroma and nucal translucency of 5.6mm. After two days i make another eco to another doctor
and the result was 3.57mm. Then at 11w and 5days another eco with a difrent doctor, result -2.3mm. After 3days first doctor
call me for a new eco and the result was 4.5mm. I've done the carial biopsy and the 48 hours answer did not detect any
abnormal results for cromozons 13,18,21 ( Down rate was 1:114) .In week 12 and 5days i try a difrent doc who measure
the nucal fold between 2.4- 3.00 mm and will call me again after 2weeks( for brain and heart measurements). Also all the doctors
says that the baby is fine , all the parameters are ok( nasal bone , stomach, spine ... all). If you want can also sent the
values. What do you think? For more info contact my husband mail ***@****
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