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Good afternoon Sir/Madam

I am not sure whether to ask this question in this very forum only but i found this column very much apt for my problem.

My cousin 16 years old is suffering from psoriasis since last year. We had consulted a skin specialist over here in India. We were unaware of the disease and the doctor confirmed us that its a genetic disorder (problem in DNA). Doctor says that the medicine would not work well as there is nothing that affect the DNA directly. Then we consulted our family doctor who deals in Homeopathy. He assured us a good treatment and effective results. He told us that a good possible treatment of psoriasis exists in Homeopathy. Therefore he is continuing the treatment from past 7-8 months. At first disease suppressed a bit but from last one month it is coming out of the body a lot. This made me write to you.

Another thing i wanted to confirm you is that whole of my Uncle's family ( 5 members including uncle 46 yrs, aunt 44 yrs, cousin sister 25 yrs, two cousin brother 16 years and 22 years ) is suffering from minor skin problems. Dandruff is common in all. Patches on the skin, itching irritation etc are few other.

What is the possible problem and treatment, especially of psoriasis?
Hoping for a  healthy solution.
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Skin manifestations can be a major or minor feature of many different genetic disorders. We recommend that your cousin meet with a medical geneticist, a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of genetic conditions. A medical geneticist will also be able to review the family history, perform a physical exam on your cousin, and discuss the benefits and limitations of any appropriate genetic tests. You can find a medical geneticist at the American College of Medical Genetics website.

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