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Baby abnormalities

I am a 26 year old female, carrying my first child.  I have  had a great pregnancy so far, until i got the call from my mid wife saying some abnormalities have been discovered.  They found a choroid plexius cyst in the brain, and a intra cartiac focus...what DOES this mean???  Will my child have downs?  I just had the triple screen test done last night, and awaiting the results!  I am extremely anxious...can not function!  I have read that the cyst normally goes away.  When I had the ultra sound, i thought i Was 19 weeks, but the tech  told me I was pretty close to 18, and had some trouble getting images of the heart...well, i guess all the images.  Could they be speculatiing of the intra catiac focus?  My husband and I are both 26.  No history in our families of downs, and no miscarriages .  All other pre nateal blood work has been normal, including my last pap...Please tell me I will be OK!!!??  HELP!
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It's common for a CPS to be found during this term of pregnancy, as well as the cardiac focus.  They both normally disappear by your third trimester. The chances of the baby having Downes is 1% or less.
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during my 20 week sonogram, they found a major heart defect with my daughter....at first, they told me "we can't see the heart" and sent me to a high risk ob/gyn. he confirmed the diagnosis and also said that she had a 75% chance of having Down's syndrome and was even suggesting terminating the pregnancy.
I will never question any one else's personal beliefs or choices; I just know for me that even if she were to have Down's, I was not going to terminate the pregnancy.
Well...after three long, agonizing days...the results came back negative for Down's Syndrome.
Her heart defect was partially healed on its own before she was born, so she did require open heart surgery, but it was no where as serious as they first thought it to be.
Now she's almost four and is healthy and the biggest joy of my life!

another quick story about radiology tests...my then 16 year old daughter was having a routine echocardiogram (she has a very mild valve problem) and the dr could not find the origin of her coronary artery...which he thoght meant that there was an anomoly of the arteries...This is very dangerous and very rare....people that have this condition often die from "sudden death"...well, after almost a week of being terrified that she was going to drop dead at any minute, we got an MRI of her heart, which showed that her arteries were just fine....it was just that her valve was a little rotated, which naturally caused the artery which connects to the valve to not "show up" at the "right" place on the echo.

So, please...try not to worry yourself too much until you get further tests. they are often wrong....as my two girls showed me.

I hope all goes well for you..if a repeat sono does show ANY type of cardiac issue, I would insist on seeing a fetal cardiologist to be on the safe side.

take care
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