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Carrier for CF

My question is,if the person is just carrier for CF..the doctors said: "Generaly DF508 carriefs are symptom free".....
True or fals?
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TRUE. The key word here is that being a "carrier" of CF means that you do not have CF symptoms at all.  Carriers do not show symptoms.  However for someone who has two gene mutations for CF, having a Delta F508 mutation is usually considered "classic CF" which is generally the most severe form of this disease.

I am a carrier of DF508 and I had no clue.   My husband is a carrier for a "previously undiscovered mutation" and our twin daughters have CF.  So far they appear to have a severe case of CF to include severe pancreatic insufficiency and signs of airway disease as infants.  

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Ina , yes, you would be symtom free , only a carrier.

Cure65Roses, I'm so very sorry about your daughters.

My daughter is a carrier for CF, she found out when she
was pregnant.  Her husband is not a carrier.  She was told
that both parents had to be carriers for CF in order for her
baby to have CF.

Can you please share with me the first signs of CF?
Her baby is congested and has a cough at this time, He
is 4 1/2 months old and weighs 12 pounds, 24 inches.
He is alert and does all the baby things.  I'm just hoping the
doctors were right (about both parents being carriers) and this baby boy is OK? Many thanks !

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Tanks a lot ,G-d bless bouth of you.
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