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Could it be Marfan?

Hi, I am a 24yo male, 6ft and 12st5lb. I am concerned that I may have Marfan disease and that my mother does as well. Below are the reasons for my concern. My doctor has said he is not concerned that this is marfan's as I am not tall enough and don't have enough features.

My features are

long limbs and spidery fingers
arm span 1.025 that of height
US:LS ratio 0.86
high arched palate with slight crowding
stretch marks after puberty
have hypermobility in knee and thumb joints
positive wrist sign but not thumb sign
early puberty and reached maximum height at 14, I was also always a head taller than class mates through school until the later years
TMJ problems ie pain and clicking
multiple clicking and popping joints
clawed 2nd toes

My mother shares the same features and has suffered from frozen shoulder.

I must add that my vision is near perfect with the exception of a few floaters, as is my mothers.
I had an echocardiogram to check the chambers and valves a while back due to strange heart beats which turned out to be PVCs, the echo was fine but would the aortic root have been imaged on a standard echo of chambers and valves?

Really I am just looking for validation of my doctors claims that it is unlikely I have marfans based on my symptoms and family history which I must add has never had anyone die of heart disease?


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your doctor is retawded

100 bucks says your're a marfan

find a better doctor!
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could also be

elhers danlos syndrome
hypermobility syndrome

if your doctor refused to address these issues, find one who will!!

also.. stay active, even if it causes you physical pain. if you don't you could very well fall into a very miserable rut.
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