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Genetics vs. Kidney stones an weight gain

I am a 35 yr old male that has been fighting reoccuring kidney stones since I was 18. I have been to numerous Urologists in my surrounding area for treatment and cures with no avail. I also fight a very aggrevating issue to me, which is the inability to gain weight. I a ... [More] m 145lbs tops and no matter how much I eat, I can not gain weight. I recently went to an Endo Dr. and he found issues with my Pyrothyroid but would never really go into detail about what his long term plan was to fix it. He just kept me on high calorie diet and made me come back once a moth for blood tests. I ultimatley quit going to him because all I was etting was a lighter wallet. Many people have told me there is a major link between the pyrathyroid glands and kidney stone formation. I would like to know if there is anything I can do or allow a specialist to do to cure me of these two very painfull and aggrevating disorders? I recently heard of Genetic Mapping and was wandering if I would be a good canadit for that as well?
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