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MTFHR and Kidney Failure linked?

January 7 I started with a severe headache and lower back pain. I pushed through until the next morning when I started throwing up. My wife rushed me to the ER and I was told I was in kidney failure. 30 years old and kidney failure, yeah. 4 days in the hospital, numerous bags of IV fluids and no answers, I was sent home. All tests and scans that were run showed that everything was clear/normal besides the levels related to the kidney function.

Today I was brainstorming with a friend about meds for this and headaches and she asked me about the MTFHR gene mutation. I have had the test in the past and it showed that I have the double gene mutation. In doing research, I found medical studies showing a direct link to the homocysteine levels and the GFR levels for the kidneys. As this is not a normal blood test, it was not tested for while I was in the hospital.

I'm just taking a shot in the dark, but does anyone have any insight or information into this?
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