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MTHRF, A1289C heterozygous; VWF; TSH

I just tested positive for this, and have the other abnormal results:  TSH 59.74,  T4 Free low (0.7); ALT 49; Creatinine 1.02; VWF RISTOCETIN CO-FACTOR of 244 and a CGA:vWf of 209.  I'm 61, do not smoke or drink alcohol.  What does all this mean in combination?  Is a family physician (internal medicine) usually a sufficient treatment provider for this, or should I see an endocrinologist or genetic counselor? I have no children. My mother had Hodgkins disease diagnosed when she was five months pregnant with me and died 5 years later, so I don't know much about her medical history.  I'm 3 years s/p gastric bypass and take Opti-Source multivitamins.  


This discussion is related to a1298c mutation.
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See http://mthfr.net/ for lots of information and finding a doc to treat MTHFR. Blessings!
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