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Nasal bone issue in pregnancy B-ultrasound - 23W5D

Dear all,

I'm a Chinese, 31ys old, and this is my first pregnancy.Today is 25W4D.
My nt is 1.2mm and low risk (less than 1:35000) for 2nd blood test on 12W1D.

I have a B-ultrasound test when 23W5D in the public hospital I always go for, the tech do the test for 2 times because she siad it's difficult to get the picture because of the baby's position or posture.And the comments in the reporter is Possible absence of Nasal bone.
And then the doctor provide an interview today(25W4D) and ask for amniocentesis test on 25W5D (maybe because of China National Day vacation).

I didn't pay much attention on these knowledge before this issue, somehow after some browse I find that the optional time for me to do other test is very limited...
I will go to a private hospital for a 4d ultrasound on 25W5D(tomorrow) to check the nasal bone again, and I will do the amnio on 25W6D.
I will wait for these results.

But I still worry about something, the doctor told me that even the amniocentesis result is fine, if absence of nasal bone, the risk for the single gene diseases will be much much higher than others without such nasal bone issue, and those diseases are difficult to check out...
So I hope to know if there is any test or anything I can do to help with this, anything I may need to pay attention more due to the nasal bone.
The test freak me out and the pressure push me crazy, your help will be very appriciated.
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