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Possibilities to have children with Sickle cell anemia

I’m carrier to Sickle cell anemia gene and my future wife too.
I need to know the possibilities to have our children Sickle cell anemia and be Sickler or have this trait.
I need any important details that I must keep to my mind related to this issue.
It’s really important subject for discussion between me and my future lovely wife and we need supportive helpful knowledge.
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Here is a resource that explains things.
A lot depends on exactly what you carry.  Speaking very generally, if you carry sickle cell trait and your wife carries sickle cell trait, your child will have a 50% chance to carry sickle cell trait, a 25% chance to get sickle cell anemia, and a 25% chance to get neither the trait or the illness. But read the following carefully because that is a general statement only and you need to be more specific.

Really informative answer. I appreciate it.
If you have access to one, speak to a doctor who understands sickle cell anemia. Good luck.
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