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What is wrong with me ?

Hi, I'm 28 years old but as you can see from my photo I look an awful lot younger. I have been told by a number of people that I only look 15/16 years old (from this photo) and I agree with this as I'm sure you will. I also can't grow any sort of proper beard. When I was 18 years old people told me I only looked 15 and they still do 10 years on so technically I've hardly aged.

What makes it even worse is the fact I am 6' 3" tall (I've made sure you can't tell this from the photo) which makes me look like an overgrown child. My height and the fact I have an average build are the only reasons people think I'm older. I've never had a girlfriend, am still a virgin and people mock the way I look.

Why do I have a child's face if I am so tall and generally, what could be wrong with me ?

Any reply is greatly appreciated,

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Have you tried drinking, smoking, and heard living!  Those things will age you quick.  Maybe try contracting a disease?  

Seriously though, you are lucky.  Try picking up some 18 year olds and enjoy life!

And get an adult name D
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Funnily enough I have been drinking and smoking for quite a few years and I've still not aged.

I know what you're saying and I know a lot of people want to look younger. I wouldn't mind if I looked in my early 20's but it's hard when you actually don't look like an adult and people think you're a child. I wear the same sort of clothes as other lads my age and I don't act immature. I know it's not normal for me to look like this and I want to know what's causing it.

D (stands for Damien)
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you dont look 15 or 16 too me. you look 26 and who say how a person of any age is supose to look. you'll be glad when your 50 and can still pick up chicks in their 20's. maybe if you'd smile and quit being so self conscience about a matter that is on your side. get int a group activity and enjoy life. this is to your benefit in the long run and you should be a virgin till you marry. god has someone very special for you in mind but your not going to find her with a negative outlook of yourself. i think you look just right for your age- its the others who are aging andare going to look like srap when they are older. hang tight, get out ther and smile gorgeous!    love lulu
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