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What were the symptoms of your baby with Trisomy 18?

Common birth defects in infants with trisomy 18 includea low birth weight; a small jaw and mouth;an abnormally shaped, small head;overlapping fingers and clenched fists;“rocker-bottom” feet; low-set ears; anddefects in the heart and other organs.Surviving infants may display poor feeding, respiratory problems, delayed growth, and other life-threatening complications. Mental impairment is also characteristic of this syndrome.
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My baby was born 03/27/17 with trisomy 18. She had mental retardation, low set ears, small jaw, small mouth, growth difficulties, short sternum, weak cry, clenched fist with overlapping fingers, small head, webbed neck, VSD (ventricular septal defect), small eyes, small big toe, underdeveloped finger and toe nails, and hernias in liver pushing through diaphragm. She passed away from the pain of the hernias. On 07/09/17.
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