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Anxious about medications I'm on.

Hi I am a 66yr old lady with degenerative disc disease & depression. My doctor has me on 50mg amitriptyline at night as I battle to sleep and 20mg citilapram mornings for depression. I also take 100mg tramadol mornings for pain and sometimes 100mg tramadol afternoons. The medication really help but I would like to know if this combination of medication is dangerous as I have now read about seratonin syndrome. I am seeing my doctor in August and will ask her,but for now would be grateful for any feedback.
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If we read side effects of drugs we are taking, we will hesitate to take the drugs. To know the intersection of drugs is again more difficult. So best thing would be to consult doctors on taking medication.
Recently I am taking treatment from a dermatologist. He is giving me multiple antihistamines. When I gave him the list of side effects of may drugs, he said ignore the list as we do know the side effects of each drug and give them after weighing the positive effect and negative effect. If positive effects are more, we give the drugs. Giving all information about our symptoms is important.This will give them the clue, which drug is harmful to us.
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I have been on Tramadol, and it doesn't do much for sciatic pain because the pain comes from glial cell stimulation. The drug gives me headaches and reduces intellectual acuity. Yuch. An excellent article on pain management was written by Dr. Jerome Groupman (author of "How Doctor's Think) and published in the New Yorker. The article is on-line and searchable via Google. I note yopu have not been using Melatonin, which in itself, can sometimes solve sleep ,issues.
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