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Celecoxib after workout?

Is it good to take celecoxib 100mg after doing a whole day workout?
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My personal opinion is that I would not take the drug under any circumstances. That being said, many physician's reccomend this drug to their patients.

If you visit the FDA site you will note there is a significant increase in mortality when on this medication. I do not believe the benefits outweigh the risks.

Then drug is widely promoted to physicians and is the "flavor of the month".
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When ever a new drug is introduced in the market, companies representative will visit every doctor having prescribing capacity, give attractive present, highlight positive points, ignore -ve points, give other benefits. Pharmacists are given some introductory discount and thus market is humming with product's name. During that time if you are caught at the doctor's clinic, you are likely to be victim whether the drug is suitable or not....So Caregiver is right when he says The drug is widely promote to physicians and is the 'flavor of the month'
I should know as I worked 37 years in pharmaceutical company selling drugs.
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Cox-2 inhibitors work similar to aspirin or ibuprofen, but do not destroy the stomach lining. They break the chain that creates prostaglandins -- neuropeptides that cause inflammation.

YOu can get the same effect with ibuprofen, available OTC, and always taking it with food to protect the stomach lining.

What in the world is an all-day workout? That sounds more dangerous to me than any medication.
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