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What is a reasonable exercise program for a man age 80 with atrial fibrilation?
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Hi Moose,

Welcome to the Senior Health Forum.

Exercise is always good for us, at any age. However with your diagnosis you really must consult your physician or cardiologist. Only they will be able to safely answer your question.

Best of luck and please share with us what you find out.

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It will be ideal if a doctor takes interest and advice types of exercise one has to do. In yoga, you have soft yoga as well which can be done by elderrly persons. I am 80. I am doing yoga since childhood. I do various experiments as well. So taking personal interest and studying the subject  can help us to get correct exercises and change the exercises according to needs.
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Try golf.  At 86 I do 18 holes 4 times a week
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That is with Afib.
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