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The USPSTF is a group of 16 primary care specialists (GPs, pediatricians, internal medicine and ob-gyn) in a government sponsored committee.  A couple of years ago they recommended stopping mammograms on women, there was such a ruckus that they softened their recommendation. They have just recommended that no men of any age have the PSA.  I am rushing through the three articles above to be published in Missouri Medicine medical journal.  We physicians and patients need to raise a ruckus.

May I request that you each go to the USPSTF website And as patients protest against this recommendation. If its adopted Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance companies will stop paying for the PSA test.

Let any other people you know interested know and ask them to go on line also. This is link  http://www.uspreventiveservicestaskforce.org/uspstf_form3/    Comments have to be made before November 8th, 2011

John C. Hagan III, MD, FACS, FAAO
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Good, I do hope they have gotten rid of this awful test, and as a result more lives will be SAVED--not lost to a false diagnosis of prostate cancer.

I had a friend who went to his physician, who did this test and it came back telling my friend he has a "bad prostate".

I told him to start taking selenium and cranberry supplements.  On his return a few weeks later, the test showed his prostate was NORMAL.

This condition is caused by a lack of selenium--not a "lack of surgery".

What a joke!
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Thank you for your posting.
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That's a good story, but the test doesn't cause any problem -- it's the response to the test that should make a person wary.

Surgery is a treatment of last resort in all situations. Sometimes, we need to be rushed into surgery because of catastrophic failure of organs, trauma, or serious disease states.

An elevated PSA is not one of those conditions. I'm glad to hear your friend responded to selenium.

I'll share a story with you...

Here in Colorado we have a controversial oncologist who will remove a woman's breasts before she shows any signs of cancer. This procedure is called a Preventive Mastectomy and decision is made by the woman, usually when she has a family history of breast cancer.

I'm not an oncologist, and have no idea of the statistics in these "high risk" cases, but as an old sheep doctor, it sounds more like veterinary medicine, or a throwback to the days of witchery and leeches -- downright medieval.
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