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Help paying for Januvia

Do the makers of Januvia help Srs with paying?
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That's a good question. Your Physician or Pharmacist should have the correct answer. You can also place that question in your search engine (Goggle or whatever) and do a bit of searching. Listing the manufacturer may help.

When I searched I did locate a printable coupon for 19% off. I am not certain of the limitations, if any. If you need assistance please let me know and I'll see if I can help.

Good Luck.... Goodness knows the cost of meds for seniors is often huge. A Shame!! There are assistance programs but this usually varies by state... also as you suggest, manufactures often offer breaks for seniors.

Take Care,
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Thank you for your information, I was able to track down a coupon for Januvia, But it was a very small discount considering just one month cost over 200.00.
You are so right seniors that have to take more then one drug that is not a generic is a killer.
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