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Low Hemoglobin, High Blood Pressure

My mum has chronic low hemoglobin and got diagnosed with high BP. What class of medication is best for her? Just looking for suggestion.
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That question is impossible to answer based upon the information provided. The blood pressure figure, for example, is meaningless without knowing the heartrate. And how high is "high"? Low hemoglobin can be caused by many factors, from kidney failure, to lack or iron in the diet. Often high blood pressure can be stabilized by a simple calcium supplement and some garlic every day.
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When last checked, her BP was 160/110 & heartrate was in the 80s. Her low hemoglobin is due to untreated multiple myeloma and she's unable to get treatment for that right now due to lack of finances. I am trying to at least help her get treatment for other things like this high BP. She last got a blood transfusion about 3months ago when her hemoglobin was 6.5. Thanks for your help.
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It sounds like the blood pressure is compensatory, at least in part. Low hematocrit means a lower unit volume of oxygen per cc of blood through the lungs. This, then the P02 sensor in the carotid(s) sense the brain needs an adequate supply of oxygen the blood pressure and/or the heart rate is increased. High blood pressure in itself is not something that is "per se" a danger. Maintaining adequate perfusion is essential to mental functioning as well as fighting off disease. Many physicians exercise a "knee kerk" reaction when they see a slightly elevated blood pressure. The lower number (110) is a bit high which is also a concern. I would take pomegranite extract, garlic, and 1000 mg a day of omega-3 fish oils plus a calcium supplement, plus a multi-vitamin with iron. I am not saying that 160/110 with a heart rate in the eighties is ideal, but I would like to know what her hematocrit was on that specific day before fooling with the pressure.
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