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Recommend meal plan for elderly

Hi, I am in south korea. My mom is currently in a nursing home.she has osteoporosis and some prblem in digestion. She always feel tired. Furthermore her food intake is very small. She can eat one cup of milk ,1 egg  or 4 spoon of steamed rice and some vegetable soup for meal.I think she has to eat some food more, but her always told me."I'm already full. I couldn't eat some more." If she more take some food,she feels bloated. So, her body lose weight day by day.I was so worried about all things. She is only 55years old , but her body age looks like 70years old.
I wanna make her more eat some food. So.. Any ideas, of what I could bring her or try would be greatful.  I'm worried she's not getting enough nutrician.
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Although I have worked with doctors and nutrition and am elderly myself, you need to have your doctor schedule a visit with a nutritionist that specializes in elder care. Not eating is a big problem with the elderly and lack of nutrients  leads to illness an even death in some cases.
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