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Schools For Seniors

This is to post that almost every state provides for free college tuition in many schools for those over sixty  in many states. Sixty-five in others. Some schools offer audit only. Others permit free tuition towards a degree.

To locate schools in your stste do a goodle search with "free tuition" , "seniors" and then the name of your state.
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Thanks Caregiver reminding us or for bringing this great information to the attention of the Senior Health Forum.

There are select states that do provide free classes or college for seniors in varying degrees and levels. Unfortunately I have not been able to find any free to tuition for seniors in my state. I understand that Texas is among the states that do offer free tuition. Any senior interested in additional education should take advantage of this for a multitude of reasons.  

Learning keeps our minds active. Even if a senior does not chose to return to a career or begin a new one their are many documented benefits from keeping your mind active. There are some studies that conclude seniors that engage in such mind activities as educational classes actually avoid or prolong the onset of some dementia. It also keeps the mind and thinking process sharper and overall participants exhibit improved cognitive skills that can exceed those that do not engage in these activities.  

I believe we are generally happier and healthier when we think young and keep our minds challenged. That doesn't mean I am going to break out my bikini any time soon. :o)

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In my neigborhood the local community college offers courses for in beginner's piano, dance, and video editing. There are lots of courses that are not strictly Academic".
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