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Sepsis and Septic Shock - still sick 5 years

I had severe sepsis and septic shock after a surgery for colon cancer.  My intestines leaked due to misfired staples and it took a few days for them to figure out what was going on.  I was in the hospital nearly a month, tied to the bed halucinating from morphine.  I had multiple organ failure, coma, mrsa, you name it.  5.5 years later.  Still have chronic fatigue, back pain, inflammation, intestinal issues,memory problems, problems eatting anything that is not soft.  I'm working but barely.  I tried disability but the insurance company called and harrassed me everyday telling me to take pain meds and go to work. I tried to take pain meds and go to work and the job said they would fire me for taking pain meds at work, I mentioned to someone I was taking them and they reported me I guess.  But I have been to so many doctors for help.  Most look at me like I'm more crazy than anything.  I've also been back to the emergency room (I had a large infected cyst from the original surgery that leaked and caused sepsis again), the insurance company was calling me after 2 weeks telling me to go back to work.  But I don't know how to try harder to get help, or even if there is help.  I get nerve ablations for the back, nothing for the gut pain.  The doc gave me some meds to help keep me awake at work.  And you guys, you seem to be happy.  I can't tell you how many times I have gone to sleep wishing I would not wake up.  I like you guys, was very active before, now I can barely work, have no social life, no friends, just tired all the time.  Weak.  Feel like I'm walking through 3 feet of mud.  It can start as early as when I wake up, or a couple of hours later, but it always happens.  I have written so many doctors, and when I show them my hospital discharge report they seem to turn away.  Maybe because there is no help?  This is just how it is going to be?  
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Hello Tuck
My brother aged 37 got sepsis after surgery after going through the third part of surgery for ulcerated colitis ( removal of the bag and to join two parts ).  There was a leak and 200ml  into his blood stream.  We were told that his body reacted very badly to it.  We were told to prepare for the worst on Saturday night .  Thank the Lord he pulled through and has improved within a matter of days , moving to an intensive unit ( been taken off the dialysis machine ) to a ward.
Obviously he is all emotional and extra tired.
How can we help him ?  What can we do ?  What is he to expect and what are we to expect ?
Thanking you
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I've been having severe overwhelming fatigue for 10 years.  This is a disease, like Polio.  More research needs to be done.  I was a runner 10 years ago, I am a shadow of myself and the reason I hang on is the love of my doggies. I've had 2. They love me no matter what.
Doctors need to learn about infections and not be so cheap. Time is critical and prob. a lot drag their feet because they don't want to admit. They know 70% more people will be dead. There is only about a 30% survival rate. If they got it right away or knew about it there wouldn't be side effects.  Doctors need to listen to their patients. They won't.  My infectious disease dr. has the intelligence to say, "I don't know!" when I ask him a question. When my white count goes up and I get sick, he admits. He doesn't even know I've survived septic shock. He knows how I am now. I have serious muscle spasms as a result of this. My brain is not the same. My body doesn't work right, and I am just not the same person I was before. It has taken the best years of my life. I can't go out to eat because I can't chew and swallow right, it gave me Oro-mandibular- Dystonia.  I got it before I got in ICU in 2000. My pre-2000 friends would not even recognize me. I guess the new doctors, think I've always been that way.  Drs. have to treat this STAT and they don't. I really don't think they know. I've heard infectious disease isn't give that much time in Med. School. One podiatrist I know told me he only studies it for 6 weeks.  
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Hello, I had sepsis, septical shock and msof too. In the hospital they treated me as a psycho-somatic patient. Did you find  a good lawyer you could recommand? Thanks
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I too had septic shock with MSOF.  You need a good lawyer.
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I can't find a doctor that will help me.  I got my records from the hospital after my last bowel blockage and sepsis from a cyst with ecoli.  My records said "sugery not recommended due to previous surgery complications".  I have tried every doctor around here and even a well known hospital in MD (same response, no help).  I don't know if there is anyone out there that will help me after the bad surgery I had.  I can't understand why the hospital would not do surgery after 6 years of intestinal problems and pain along with identified bowel blockage.  
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Hi Danni,

Welcome to the Senior Health Forum. I am so sorry to hear about your situation. I also know how frustrating Chronic Pain can be and how it can disrupts your life.

I assume you have been to a Rheumatologist. If not please consult one. They may have answers for you.

Have you consulted a PMP (Pain Management Physician)?  At the very least you deserve to have your pain controlled. PMPs are often able to offer treatments, procedures or medications other Physicians have not considered. I hope you'll request a referral.

Of course your insurance company wants you to return to work, asap. Sadly they are running a business and your claim is costing them money!! They are quick to take our premiums with a smile but not so quick to pay out when we need them.

Is there something on your hospital discharge report that makes a Physician think twice about treating you? Do you thin it is the cancer diagnosis?  

What I've learned is to ask question.... ask just what you are asking here. We forget that Physicians are human also... and they are Service Providers not Gods! There are good ones, great ones and not so good ones, just as there are in any profession. So talk to your Physician like they are your next door neighbor. Remember you pay for their Service.

You may also benefit from consulting a Pain Management Therapist. I know many Chronic Pain patients that have been helped by a good Therapist. No, you are not crazy but you have much on your shoulders.

You may find this article about ppl with Chronic Pain helpful. Here's the link:

It sounds to me as if you need a supportive and informed Physician that knows about Chronic Pain, a disease in itself.  That's one of the reason I suggest a PMP.

Don't stop searching. Be assertive and insist on answers.

We also have a Forum that deal with Chronic Pain, it the Pain Management Forum. I hope you'll stop by. Please let us know how you are doing.

Good Luck,
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