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Skinning fingers

Why does the skin on my fingers die and peel immediately it comes into contact with food? Makes preparing and eating meals difficult  - can't always use gloves.
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Hi MargiesGirl,

Welcome to our community. Please excuse my tardy response. Are you still monitoring our site?

Do you mean the skin our your fingers peel with each and every food contact? If I understand you correctly.... Wow!

Normally I would think it was a food or contact allergy but highly unlikely if this occurs with all foods. Does it happen with anything else? What have the doctors told you?

This must be extremely challenging for you. If you haven't consulted a dermatologist and an allergist I would certainly do so. If you have one consult than I'd get second opinions.

I'm back and hope you'll be active on MedHelp. I'll look forward to hearing from you again soon.

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