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Ankle Pain in Night

In 2006 I suffered from intense pain in the ankle at night - which kept me awake.
Blood tests (Uric acid) had no significant reading. My GP was sure it need a physio. After 6 weeks it was finally diagnosed as what I suspected from Day 1 - Gout.

Dec 2011 - for passed 2 weeks the pain has been slowly coming back. Again blood test shows Uric Acid normal. But this time I am going to ask the GP to try for Gout immediately (VIOXX and/or Allopurinol for Uric Acid/Gout). I notice it seems to reoccur every 5 years.

Advice appreciated?
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Since the clinical research on the cherry juice gout relief therapy is still in the early stages, there is no set "prescription" for their use or consumption. However, it seems that the majority of people benefit from consuming about two tablespoons of tart cherry juice concentrate a day, or one to two servings of fresh or dried cherries. Just like with any other type of treatment, however, different people will naturally respond differently to cherries and the end results gained will most likely be varied.
Doctors and scientists believe that the anthocyanins in the cherries is what caused the decrease in blood urates and what causes cherry juice gout relief. They also feel that consuming anthocyanins on a regular basis may help lower heart attack and stroke risk, and are even studying the benefits of cherry juice and how it may have direct applications to the treatment and prevention of cancer. You can buy tart cherry juice concentrate at any health food store.
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Vioxx was withdrawn from the market in 2004 due to heart/stroke issues. I doubt you can even get it, but if for some reason it id given to you, ask for something different.  

I know a couple of other people who have gout with no rise in uric acid. So yes, it probably is best to just go ahead and get treated if your doctor agrees.  I assume you've probably already been to the doctor by now.  Hope it's cleared up.  That pain can be brutal!

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Yes the GP gave me an antiinflamatory. It stopped the pain within 24 hours.
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