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Gout meds (colchicine) don't seem to have helped

Hello I am in the middle of an acute gout attack for the last 36 hours. I have taken 3 500microgram Colchicine tablets 14 hours ago (2 to start then 1 an hour later) but have not seen any relief at all yet, in fact it feels worse. Should I take more colchicine or ibuprofen? I'm not taking any other medication or supplements but have had some apple cider vinegar drinks to see if it would help.
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For quick relief in the mist of an acute attack, you might want to see a doctor for a weeks worth of prednisone treatment. I'll had relief within 24 hours both times I've done this, but it may vary between individuals.
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Treatment of acute gout includes NSAIDs, colchicine, and/or corticosteroids. The choice of therapy for a gout flare depends upon multiple factors, including patient age, comorbidities, and associated medical therapies; flare characteristics and past responses to therapy; the number of affected joints; and patient and clinician preferences. If you are not experiencing relief from your symptoms, you should inform your doctor so that he/she can modify your regimen accordingly.
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