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are there any drug combos for gout control?

I have been on a colchicine/allopurinol daily regiment for years to control gout outbreaks.  It was working great until the cost of colchicine went thru the roof.  I am now up to 300mg allopurinol daily with outbreaks of gout occurring every 3 to 4 weeks.  I grow weary of the pain and need to know if there is something else out there that will work like the colchicine/allopurinol combo did.  HELP!!
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Hi there!

Yes, there are a few other medications available that can be used instead of allopurinol/ colchicines; while the cost factor may be an issue, depending on the pharmaceutical company/ brand. Generic medication available in a few places may cost-effective in the matter. I would suggest discussing the situation in detail with your treating doctor for suggestion of an appropriate management plan.
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Take care!
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Continue to take your allopurinol  but ditch the colchicine, it can make  you sick on  your stomach.  Tell doc to switch you to indomethacin It will knock out an attack in 1 hour.  Its a nsaid.  Ask your doctor, he'll know what it is.
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