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the CURE

I have suffered from gout for 5 years .Meds are crap and poison.
I give blood once every 2 months and all is good. I can eat and drink what I want and all is good.Talkto yourdoctor and save lives, cure gout by giving blood...!!!!!

God Bless
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Medications are often the most effective way to treat acute gout and can prevent recurrent attacks of gout. However, making certain lifestyle changes also are important, such as limiting alcoholic beverages (especially beer), limiting intake of foods high in purines (such as red meat, organ meats, and seafood), and exercising regularly and losing weight.
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Hi Everyone. what if I could provide you with a free remedy to cure or at least vastly improve your gout problem?

Sound good, right?

I suffered with gout for YEARS! On expensive meds. I once missed 3 weeks of work due to Gout, so I know what gout can do to your functional life; let alone the immense pain...!!!

I also used to buy a LOT of expensive medications. I felt helpless and hopeless. I knew I better not drink even half a glass of cranberry juice because of the immense pain it caused me. I truly believed that I would have to suffer the rest of my life with this painful disease.

Until............... I followed this doctor on Youtube: Dr. Eric Berg. This guy by the way is very good with a lot of other ailments. He provided a tip and its worth GOLD:

I have tested it now several times and for me it WORKS every time!!!

Here is the unbelievably SIMPLE remedy:

Squeeze one lime in half a cup of water, drink it down, and watch the severe pain subside as the crystallized particles that are formed by elevated levels of uric acid are broken down.

Try it. I hope it helps you.

BTW, I never spend a dime on "Gout Medications anymore"..........!!!

The reason I posted this? My wife has been as surprised as I am, and told me: Have you thought of sharing this with others who have been suffering? So there!!

Let me know if this helps you.
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