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2 years this July 1st losing my mother/best friend.Will it ever get better?

My mom won't see my boys grow up who are 5 and 9 years old, they don't even know my mom is gone.We reside in Texas and my Dad lives in NJ.My youngest has autism and my 9 year old quite doesn't understand death.
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Yes@browneyegirl79 it will get better with time. Some days it will seem like yesterday. Try to focus on the positive moments you shared with your mom..
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Good morning,

The heartache and grief is hard to handle. I understand perfectly. My mom didnt pass away but I lost my Nana who was like a mom to me. We lived with her when I was little, and I would visit her often. When she passed it broke my heart, but then she left behind her bible which I know was dear and close to her heart. That is when I realized that she isnt gone and never will be completely gone.

Your mom is getting to see your boys grow up and she is probably with them every day. I trust my Nana is with me and sometimes I swear I can feel her presence.

I have two kids as well, and they were very young when she passed. My husband lost his grandmother that same year. We remind our kids of who they were and tell them stories about them. That is how we keep there memory understand more then what we think. My Nana passed away 7 yrs ago and my little girl remembers how heartbroken I was. She said when she was younger she just always felt she would see them again.

I hope this helps you in your grieving process.

Kimberly Martinez
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