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Dog died, crazy family etc. help please.

My dog died about 7 months ago. He was my life and my everything. I am only 21 years old and my dog was 18 yeaers old and 4 months when he passed away. I was adopted at 2 and shortly after we got the dog, so you can see my attatchment to him. I would have given my life for his in a instant, i cared for  him so much and still do.
I know my dog had an amazing long and healthy life, concidering his breed being very big was only suppossed to live to a max of 10 and he was over 18, and still going on walks etc. Yet i couldnt even get out of bed for months so my doctor put me on zoloft for depression. Life seems a bit easier but with my crazy family, I cant seem to get better, and i dont have the money to move out on my own yet.
My dads a cop, mother hates me and is a control freak etc, and i have a 18 year old autistic and very violent brother.
House is a mess and everyone blames me when none of it is mine, dunno what to do as i dont have the strength to do many things at all. I have a loving boyfriend, but he works all the time and is in school. All my friends live away and are either pregnant or ahve kids.
Need a friend :( please help.
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Hi Trixie000000.
Welcome to the forum.

My first suggestion to you would be to go for counselling.
Family services in Whitby -
Address is :605 Rossland Rd E., (Garden St and Rossland Rd Intersection)

My second suggestion is that the whole family goes for counselling.
Their services include:
Intake, assessment, counselling, referral, groups * short term individual, couple, family and group counselling * job stress, workplace violence, conflict * addiction, substance abuse, anger, anxiety, depression * personal stress, budgeting, self-esteem * conflict resolution, extended family, separation/divorce * communication, abuse/violence, bereavement * child-care, parenting, school problems * balancing work and family life, caring for elderly parents etc.

Your life will get better, but you need some guidance and support at this time, as by yourself, I get the feeling that you are too fragile and vulnerable
to take this on your own successfully.

I don't think your mom really hates you-she might dislike things you're doing or not doing perhaps and your brother,as far as him being violent is something that should be brought up with your parents to ensure your safety. If this does not happen, you can always discuss it at family services
and you will be given proper guidance as of what should be done.
Being sympathetic and understanding of your brother's condition is also important. You know that he cannot control his condition.
It is no different than a blind person. Can you blame a blind man for not being able to see? It's just the way it is sometimes. So we make adjustments in our lives and we learn to be patient and understanding.

As far as the loss of your Dog goes, it's the same as losing any family member. The nice thing is that All Dogs go to Heaven, where there's no suffering, just bliss! So stay with the great memories. You had 18 beautiful years together. This was a special Gift in your life. No one can ever take this away from you!

I think if you can find activities that interest you, where  you can spend time
enjoying them, you may hook up with people that have similar likes
and make new friends. Join a club, volunteer at SPCA or some animal society, take courses, get  a part-time job...and your life will get more interesting. Your focus will change and you'll be paying less attention to
problems and staying in negative territory. You deserve to have fun, explore life, and feel better about yourself.

PS. I've been in Whitby a few times. Friends celebrations and weddings.

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