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My dad is a 74 years old hospitalized in December 2016 from confusion for one week.  The Doctors order blood work and CAT scan and found he was in the end life stages.  We went to transplant center in Lexington, KY were he is not a candidate for a transplant, his MELD score is only a 10.  He has lost all his upper mass and so very skinny, diarrhea, and some ascites but not a lot and has NO jaundice.  What is going on, how can he look this sick with a MELD score of 10?  Any help will be appreciated...I don't know were to go or what do....I am at a loss for words.  
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It's been a few months, Is your dad still with us? My dad passed away on July 2nd 2016 from the same thing. I believe the meld score can fluctuate by the day, my father had chronic Ascites and I knew that would be a issue.. I would say that if you notice your dad sleeping a lot it is a sign, if you read or google " what happens At the last stages of life, my father followed that to the book. Sorry for the pain.
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