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I Miss Her

Hey everyone. January 3rd 2013, I found out my grandmother died. She was 75 years old, diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Back in October 2012, she was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer and it was the size of a tennis ball, but due to her frail condition, she couldn't receive treatment. Then is December 2012 the cancer attached itself to her ribcage and she had bone cancer. I've always been VERY close to my grandma. She was my best friend. She knew more about me than anyone. I miss her so much. Due to family issues (which is a completely different story, and I'll share with anyone who wants to know, so feel free to messages me) I haven't seen my grandma in about 3 years, but I did call her every chance I got. This is so heart breaking. Her birthday is the day after mine, so my birthday was pretty much horrible. My grandma was my father' mother and my parents are divorced, but my mom is saying "I'm dragging this out more than needed, it's been almost 4 months, everyone else is over it." That sounds like she's heartless and she knows how close I was with my grandmother. This was more or less a way for me to get my thoughts out. Thanks for reading.
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Hi KaylaMarie25.

You know that our "loss" of a loved one is their "gain", as they just don't die, they pass on.
They pass  on to another "better" form of life, that most people don't quite understand .

You mom may not appreciate much the relationship you had with your grandma, so please consider forgiving her for her ignorance.
She's just a victim of social conditioning, deeply rooted in her belief system.

Holding on to any negative feelings toward your mom because of this, is
something your grandma wouldn't want you to do, as this an unnecessary
weight that you're carrying inside you, causing more harm to you and really nothing to do with your mom at this point.
She is who she is and she says what she says.
Choose to rise above that and in honor of your Grandma,
take strength from her unconditional love to you and apply this in your own life, to overcome whatever challenges you may be facing.

Your Grandma is watching over you, but if you are consumed with your other family issues, you may not be able to recognize this at all.

Being thankful for all that you received from her, may help you forgive and accept the ones who have not treated you well in the past.

Sometimes, a total stranger to you, like myself, shows up as a messenger perhaps, of what may be a request from "above", for you to finish some "outstanding" business, so you can move to  the next chapter in your life.

Trust in yourself and in the Gifts that Grandma left you, for you shall
manifest and attract Peace and Wisdom and Love that you deserve!
Therefore, Her passing on, now becomes even more meaningful.

I have had communications with my mom and my younger brother who passed on just last year. Life "up there" is the life of pure Light, if you can imagine that. It's all Blissful!

I'm presently working on helping people establish contact with loved ones who have passed on.
This is a very sacred Spiritual communication, that is not only real, but extremely enlightening, as it helps us realize that our physical form is only
temporary for learning (usually through pain and suffering) and redemption purposes before graduating to the next, higher Spirit level.

My thoughts and prayers go out to you.
I will pray that God will give you the strength and the wisdom to accept and endure this and also to help you reflect upon the notion that your Grandma
is gone from the physical form of life to the Spirit form.

Please feel free to message me.
Love and Peace
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