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Where is my mother's soul? Where is she?

Can my mother see me? Can she hear me? Can she see or feel my sorrow? Where is she? I know she is buried, but what about her soul? Where is my mom's soul? She was such a kind, loving Christian woman, how do I know her soul is ok? How?

I know I'm extension of her and I am a part of her eternally, but where is she?  Does she hear my prayers? Does she hear me calling her a night?
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She's everywhere as an angel,in the wind that blows through your hair,her soul is a star that sparkles in the sky.the whif of her perfume you swear you just smelled,maybe she's the hummingbird that seemed to linger near just a little to long,the shadow you swore you just saw out of the corner of your eye,the flowers in bloom,but most important she's in your heart! She's in another dimension,the heavenly one,about three feet above our heads,so close yet so far,not fair is it?In the glimpse of happiness I had,thats when I seen her aura.I know the more upset we are the farther away they seem.It will seem like a blink of an eye to our Mom's when they see us again in our heavenly bodies.As angels they can go anywhere,some are more powerful then others.Maybe your trying to hard to see a sign,for I know as soon as You stop looking in someway she'll show you she's there,a feeling,a cold breeze,in your dreams.I don't dream anymore since my Mom passed,maybe I just don't remember,I wake up in a panic many nights,be glad you don't have panic attacks,not fun! Sorry for writing that,I'm trying to make YOU feel better.Take Care,ona day at a time,is all we've got.Big hugs,Jen
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Hi Jen,

Last Friday I was almost in a car accident. My car brakes went out on me on the Chicago's express way. I pulled the emergency brake and said God and mom, help me.  I was blessed to be by a ramp. Jen, it was below zero...to make a story short, I had to get a rental and as I was driving home, I felt my hair and arm being touched gently and I felt as if I was being kissed on the cheek...a wind kiss, but I felt it and my GPS, which was off went on by itself....sign of comfort...thanks, Judy
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judy , it your mother accepted our lord as her savor and was saved shes in heaven with him,  you are a part of her but you are the one who will have to accept the lord to , she cant do it for you . thank goodness your ok.
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I'm so relieved that your ok but,also happy that you got a sign,I told you that you would.Your Mom was not about to let anything happen to you.You still have some life lessons to learn,somebodies life to touch,a purpose to go on.Don't forget that.Lots of Love,Jen
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I think of my Mom lying in the grave, she is buried in an very old Church in Cornwall England , when I was on vacation I went to look at the family plot and had a chat with her" mostly apologising as I wasnt there when she passed on, I think it helped me , I am very like her and I see her hands when I look at mine, I also have some of her habits,and behaviors, the good ones I think. I have always found it hard that I wasnt in England when she passed and I couldnt even face going back to her funeral, which made it worse., I always thought I had enough time ,but hey you dont.
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Thats good your ok, it sounds like you have an angel watching over I truly believe your mum hears and sees everything you do she is watching over you. I was driving the other night with my sister and she was upset she'd had no signs from our mum and just as she said this a fox ran in front off us stopping for a spilt second to turn to us she couldn't believe it that was her sign.
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Judy,Hang in there

So glad that you are ok...it is so hard that a person could be here one moment, it body and soul and then suddenly...nothing......and that is how it feels in the beginning..but the longer my mom is gone, the more I feel her here..in the things I do, the things I say, my thoughts....everything...she is just a breath away in the hands of our Lord. She fulfilled her mission here on earth...not it is our turn to do ours.
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To find out where our loved ones are go to site www.near-death.com , those who died and came to tell us of the wonders of the spiritual world , near death experiences has lot to teach to us evens more than all religions combined . The more you know the truth the more comfort and peace will be found in your heart . I highly recommen researching those nde's . We cannot find life's answers unless we seek them in death . Isn't it amazing we are eternal being older then time itself and always alive for billions and trillions and zillions of years? Love is just not a feeling , it is God force  himself , one nde'er was told everything is made out of love and it is the force holding all the atoms to each other in the universe , we are all part of one big family and it is only a matter of time when we see them again , Life has no guarantess when will it end , so use every moment to spread love , knowledge and understanding , May God bless us all , we really need his grace to cross over  the ocean of this material world.
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there is a pendulum technique to talk to spirit beings , my mom used it to conact her dad and it was moved on it own giving yes or no answer , afterwards we were all drained of energy as if someone had sucked it , there is always a danger of opening portays to let dark entities come in . The haunting series on discovery channel showed it quite well. There is abook about out of body experiences and how to induce then using various mehtods , may were succesful leaving their bodies and keet dead relatives and angekec being directly . Remember the kingdom of heaven or higher dimensions are all around us , only our physical bodies covering our subtle bodies is the limitation :(
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I sometimes wonder the same about my son, 26, who died 2 months ago...I know when he was younger he accepted Christ, but I know he was not encouraged in his christian life by his mother with whom he lived..but, he came to church with me every Sunday and helped me as I drove a bus around picking up kids for Sunday school...when he moved to GA with is mother, I know his life took a different turn...but I also know that he hadn't completely let go of his Christian training and teaching...the last few weeks of his life he worked in a restaurant owned by Christian people, and they loved him, and a number of people shared Christ with him and several workers came to me and said they believe that
Scott acknowledged Christ...I trust that while I grieve now, I'll see him again, and I believe he is in heaven now, waiting our arrival...with my grandparents whom he never new, my grandmother who died shortly before he was born as well as my Dad and birth mother who died some 50 years ago....

If I can just get past the missing him here, I know I will spend eternity with him, and I know, finally, he is at peace in the presence of our savior, free of the "demons" that have been hounding him for years.

God bless you al

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Thank you all for your comforting responses. I miss my mother so much, it's so hard to live without her and I go to mass every sunday and I do carry my mother's faith and believe in God. He is who gives me purpose now.  Also, it's a miracle that there was no traffice on the express way, and that I was by an exiting ramp. I put in new brakes, yet the car would not stop and it was the coldest day in Chicago.  Very dangerous situation, yet one block away from a gas station.  Some is watching over me and I did feel my hair and right arm touched gently. I felt as if my right cheek was being kissed gently...I discribe it as a wind kiss and my GPS navigator, which has been off for day's turned on!....sign of comfort.....Thank you all and I will keep you in my heart, thoughts and prayers.

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Answers can be found here


now everything is clear to me after going through this nde stuff for years . The author even has a free ebook to download "Nothing better than death"

What more I can say to help ? Knowledge will help you understand why it happened and for what and where your loved ones are right now.
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I will only recommend reading near death experiences and the profound message they bring back , death is not an end , we don't die ... no love is ever lost , once we pass the test called life God will call us back home back to Godhead


another video to watch ,


pls do , you will experience peace after watching this documentary

I cannot go through what you are going and you cannot what I have been through . Life is tough .

It isn't a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty , well preserved body , but rather to skid in broadsided, thoroughly used up and loudly proclaiming , whoa , what a ride!
I Believe ... you can keep going long after you think you can't... ...that either you control your attitude or it controls you ...you can be the person you want to .
Nobody said life would be easy , they just promised it would be worth it ! Live like there's no tomorrow , laugh till you cry , and dance like there's nobody watching .
Your loved ones in the spiritual world are having one hell of a time ! The love there is unlike anything experienced on Earth .
Just believe yourself to be a  strong person .
You all had to endure a lot of trials and challenges in your lives .
Death is a great transformation for the one who crossed into other side and those left behind . I cannot possibly imagine the pain you must be going through .
To me it means a new beginning  a renewal and awakening of spirit  In order for transformation to take place ,you have to let everything go ,release the old mind-set and trust in the unknown  To accept change is to live freely .
Have intentions to be healthy, happy and free of guilt.

Download the ebook "Nothing better than death" by Kevin Williams from www.near-death.com
"n the night of death, hope sees a star, and listening love can hear the rustle of a wing."



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Your questions are eternal ones. Beachwalker 33 provided a wonderful post.

I firmly believe in life after death, and I believe in the Life-Force and I believe in Angels.

I have had many experiences confirming this to me while working in the medical field (which I am no longer doing) at the moment of a person's death that I could not relate them without being deemed a lunatic.

There is a good. There is a bad. Ther is a right. There is a wrong.

There is a god.

I believe your loved one can hear your prayers and cares about you, even though they may not be able to communicate back to you.

There is life after death. And the soul lives on. Don't let anyone tell you any differently.

As for grief over a loved-ones loss it never goes away entirely, but time is the healer.

My sympathies.

God bless.

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You all have been so inspiring and John you advise is always so special.  Thank you all.  I have had several situations with my GPS.  It's always off only used when necesarry and it has turn on twice. After my car died out on the expressway (brakes gave out while I was driving) and a second time when I asked my mother to give me a sign that all is well.

I still have a huge hole in my heart needing my mother....God bless you all....Judy
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So sorry to hear of your sad loss.How lovely to know that your mother was a christian woman, that must bring so much comfort to you. As she was a christian she must have believed in the bible as Gods inspired word for us, and that gives us the answer you need.
The scripture in Ecclesiastes 9.5 says." For the living are conscious that they will die but as for the dead they are conscious of nothing at all"  So can you see that our dead loved ones are in a deep sleep with no pain or worry or frightened at all, but safe in Gods memory.
   You will feel grief for a time ,but rest assured that there will be a resurrection when you can be together again. Take comfort that your Mother had faith , trust in God, and read a little of the Bible each day, it really helps.
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Yes, your mother is with you!!!!!! She always will be. You never do know what form she could take. She could be a cloud, or a tree, or anything else. You just have to believe she is there, and you will know!!!!!!!!!!!! You will feel her presence. I still feel my grandpas presence, i use to be afraid, but not anymore. She is there, and her soul is in your heart, If you know that she was a good woman, then you know her soul is okay. She can hear your prayers, she writes them down!!! She will keep a book of them. She can hear you call her, and everytime you call her, she always going to come, even if you don't know it, or don't feel her, she will come. In fact, i'll bet she is even there BEFORE you call her!! She is watching you from somewhere, making sure her baby girl is okay. One of these days, you will join her, but let that day come on its own!! Dont you dare make it come before it has to, and you know what i mean!!!
I just want to cry, but for you!! I want my eyes to rain for you! I wish i was there in real life, not cyberly, but real life, so i can hug you and tell you it will be okay. Imagine us hugging, and feel better, okay!!!!!
I want you to feel better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE KERRYBERRY Hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs!!!! YOUR NUMBER ONE!!!! ###### 1111111111
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How are you now? Please let us know how you are getting along and if you are coping .
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Dear Hopeful,

It's been a journey not wished on your worst enemy. Losing my mother has been one of the most painful, life changing experience and 2 yrs. later, it still seem surreal that she is gone.

Holidays, birthdays, Mother's Days are still uncomfortable, but I am improving slowly.
I can now listen to music, which I wasn't able to do without falling apart.  I am a person of strong faith in God and I will live my life fully as my mother would want me to live and earn a spot wherever God would like to place me when it is my time.

I hope you are doing well and as yourself, I am very hopefull.  Judy
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I am only 19 I am a mother I have 2 kids my mon passed away and the night dhe did I saw her shadow of ger face in my window I just found out that I'm pregnant with my 3 child she told me she bets I have a lil girl everyone tells me that she is living inside my she is a repulica of heras my baby I miss her so much I will be turning 20 in one day she passed 2 months before I turned 20 she is always with me and ur mom will always be with u to hun
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dear Judy
my Mom and my brother died in 2009, it was unbearable. then someone gave me a book, written in the 19th century about a Christian lady who went to heaven and came back to write about it. "My Dream of Heaven", by Rebecca Springer. it changed my life and my grieving - - the beauty and adventure of heaven for those who go there bcs of Jesus.. you must get a hold of this book, it is a key to peace and closure and even joy...
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I lost my mother 15days ago....i still cant believe shes gone.....i think im in denial..atleast thats wat the internet says....at first i thought she was with me.....but then i started to search for different verses in the bible.....wc showed me that shes in the presence of christ.....n then i thought she wasnt withe me.....but then i started to remmember the verse where God told us that he is closer than our own breath...he knows the number of our hair......so if shes in the presence of christ and if christ is so close to us......well it means.......
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