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Anyone else lose a long time best friend from childhood?

My best friend from age 12 to age 42 died in 2014.  He had been by my house almost a week before.  If I'd known then what I found out after he'd died, I could have saved him. His death was handled poorly by the police.  They did not investigate beyond talking to his mom and girlfriend. His mother loved him but was easily manipulated by his girlfriend.  The girlfriend poisoned him as she was evil and did it because he wanted to break up.  She made it look like an OD on prescription pills. His mom believed that.  Case closed.  

He had told me that last talk we had that he was afraid to break up with her and I asked him why he goes "she's crazy man" I thought it was odd to hear him saying that because he would break up with girls and think nothing of it. I ended up blowing off his comment and not thinking that it was that big of a deal. His cousin also had a lot of evidence that supported looking into by the police but all that we had to say fell on deaf ears.

He and I grew up together and kept in close touch over all these years.  We worked hard and played hard. We were in each other's weddings and there for one another when we each got a divorce.  In our teenage years we got in trouble together.  We helped each other work on vehicles and whenever he needed a hand he knew who to call and I'd be there.  The same went for him when I needed help with something at my place. We would go camping, hunting and fishing together too. All of that was taken away by somebody and they got away with it Ive never had another friend like him and never will.  The laughs we shared brought so much joy and with him gone, life is "less" for me.
Anyone relate?
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That's so hard to lose a person we had a deep friendship with. We miss them so much and while time dulls it, it never goes away. And when we are periods of our life in which we are lonely or it's hard, we think of how much better it would be to have them to talk to. I don't know how he died. Maybe you are right, maybe you are wrong. It sounds like the issue is legally settled. I hope he wasn't murdered. But it is all so tragic.

It's been many years. Have you ever gotten any grief counseling? There are stages of grief. It's very hard. The 5 stages helped me understand where I was at and there is no time line on how long mourning and grief takes. I lost my mom over 25 years ago and I still get a lump in my throat about it and miss her. I had dreams for so many years about her. I don't anymore. Most of the dreams were scary that I had (she did die tragically as well) but I miss dreaming about her. Seeing her. If that makes sense.

A grief counselor helped me. I worked through some of my emotions. Maybe this would be an option for you.
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