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Apologizies for not being supportive....

Hi! I was/am the leader of the Grief & Loss Community.It sure has changed.I have been ill! So sorry I had no intention on abandoning anyone.As we all know unfortunate things happen! I'm back and we'll do my best to start assisting all of you in your grief ,as I had great help in dealing with mine from many of you.God willing I will start feeling better and will be very productive on this forum/community once again. God Bless you all,those that know me and those that don't..We can all heal and help one another in these difficult times,losing those we love so much.But,remember they were only on loan to us or vice-versa from God! They are so happy and at peace,they don't have a care in the world.We should be happy for them and realize while their work is done on this earth our's is not. Comforting hugs to all,Jen
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Thank you, but as for me I don't feel that you abandoned anyone.  You gave us an amazing place to go, and people who understand. I'm sorry your not feeling good, maybe you need us. Thank you again.

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Hi Jen,

It's been quite sometime and I'm sorry you were ill. I hope all is were still here...Judy
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sorry, Jen, I meant, "I hope all is well now and were still here!"   Judy
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hi Jen and thks for being there for people like us that have lost loved ones or had terrible things happen to us in our lives! thks everyone for being here for everyone!
God Bless!
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Sorry you have been ill.Good to have you back!!!

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Welcome back -- w'ere glad you are feeling better!

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It's been awhile....hope you're feeling better now:)
Welcome back

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