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I don't no why but crying makes me happy.....i mean when i feel sad....i cry..then i feel better.....and now its become my daily routine......now-a-days i cry a lot without any reason....whenever i see some sad movies or hear some sad music,or see some sad realities my eyes get moist even just in 1 minute........ i cant control myself.....is this a problem?......and the water always falls from my right eye.it falls from the left eye too...but it seems that all waters are in my right eye........please help
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I dont think crying is a problem.....Unless you just cant control yourself to the point you cry your way through the grocery store or work lol. No but really being an emotional person isnt something bad unless it gets in the way of your life. As far as the tears rolling from your right eye. most people tend to lean there head to one side or another at least a little bit. And then gravity comes in to play. And to get to the sum of it all..I would say crying over sad things like sad movies or just anything sad shows that your a loving and caring person. It shows you have heart in one way or another. I would rather know a person who cryes over sad things than turns a cold shoulder and continues on carlessly. Anyway I hope i made your day all the much more happy. :)  Love and peace
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I'm a pretty private "crier" myself, but the older I get, the less I care who sees me with red swollen eyes and a snotty nose.  :-)  

I guess the question is, do you think you need to control yourself?  Like Aint_It_Fun said, as long as you're not spending your life weeping over everything and it's not controlling your life, no problem!  :-)
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Dear heart...there is nothing wrong with crying.  As one of posts says, it shows what a caring and compasionate person you are.  You are one person that will NOT have trouble with anxiety due to unreleased feelings.  It's healthy to cry.  And your dern right...it feel good, after you have had a good long cry.

As JayBay says though, if you find that the crying is interferring with your life, then it could become a problem.  If you are just a sensitive person, by all means, let those feelings out and share them with others.

I am like JayBay, as I get older (now 54) I care less and less what other's think and let those tears fly if that the emotion I am feeling.  I have also taught my 36 year old son, since he was a small child, even men cry and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about.  It shows what a caring and compassionate man he is....  As a woman, I actually feel a tug at my heart strings when I see a man weep.  It makes me feel better to be around such a man, cause he has feelings and feels free to express them.

When I lost my daddy two weeks ago, my honey met me on the floor, where I was in deep despair at the news and cried with me.  That's a real man in my eyes and a man that I am glad that I can share my feelings with and not be ridiculed.  It's so comforting.

Big (((HUGS))))  Hang in there....

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