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Deep in Grief

My beautiful wife Sherri passed away a year ago, April 27, 2012 and I cannot seem to come back to what I was -- we have two beautiful girls, 21, and 13, and though I am there for them, I am not the man I was -- I mis my wife on a level I did not believe possible -- she was everything to me, my best friend, soul mate, lover, my entire world -- I was her care giver the last eleven months, and held her in my arms as she died, both beautiful and terrible -- I wrap a pillow in her clothes so I can smell her, I struggle when hearing music she liked, and I wonder if I will ever feel real joy again -- never will I date have another relationship because I feel that would be cheating on that beautiful girl, and who could ever be what she was to me? -- in addition to missing her, I miss who I was when she was with me, how she made me feel -- I felt complete with her because of who she was and how she loved me -- she attached herself to me soul a long time ago, and I feel she is still here....
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She IS there, right there, in your heart.  And she would not want to see you suffer, because she wants you to be happy.  Blessings - Blu
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How raw  is your pain,Im sorry your suffering its sad,Your journey talkS of loss
and  grief of a soul mate seperated from you.I have lost many in my life
from parent to soul mate and a child reacently.
there are no magic words or pain relief to make it easier.its just time support and the group you have joined,.hurts its raw and a simple answer is when it hurts too much turn to the ones you know will let you cry and understand your suffering and vent,when we lose our loved ones many questions come before understanding why?the answers come with no understanding
I keep my child alive everyday,I say goodnight to her everynight.and I continue because she would want me too,some days harder than others but I continue to ffght.

If your pain has lead you on this site,then there is a juty to help you, just one step at a time.
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