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Do you think he suffered

My Grandson was 30 years old and he passed away from an accidental drug overdose.  He had many drugs in his system, Fentanyl, Oxycodone, Alcohol, and Xanex.  He was a great person, everyone who knew him liked him.  He lived with me since he was about 12 or 14.  He was like my son.  He has a four-year-old boy who is having a hard time with his Dad's death. Anyway, many people will not like this question, but that is OK.  I am not very religious, but I do believe in God.  I do not think my Grandson did and I talked with a Chaplain and he said the bible says if you do not accept Jesus as your savior, you will go to Hell.  I know I will get all kinds of opinions, but I just want to know what people think. I am having a hard enough time with his death, but to think he would be in Hell is troubling to me.
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I am so sorry, you have my deepest condolences.

As to going to heaven. Well, I am a Christian, and I truly do believe that unless you have accepted the Lord as your personal savior, as the bible says, you will not go to heaven.  I know this is a horrible thought, but it is in the bible, not me saying it.

I wish I could give you a more positive answer, but well, I am just going by what the Lord in the bible says.
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I'm really interested in "Life After Death" experiences,  and have read many accounts of people who have gone over to the other side briefly and returned.  One of my favorite collections was "Imagine Heaven" by John Burke.  Very well-documented case histories of people who were clinically dead briefly,  or in a coma,  etc.,  and even while they were unconscious saw things going on around the hospital,  or even things going on at their homes.  Of all those accounts,  there's only one man who perceived he'd gone to Hell and returned to Earth, and he was evil.  I think your grandson is in heaven.  You might want to get the book - it will give you hope.  How very very similar the experiences of the afterlife are,  even when reported by small children who couldn't have known how anyone else experiences the Pearly Gates.
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I am so very sorry for your loss!  I empathize so much with you as I lost my Godson/nephew to an overdose as well.  I do believe he didn't suffer nor was aware it was happening.  Maybe I just choose to believe this but it gets me through those rough times.
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